How To Spend The Night… And Not Look Like A Mess

There’s so much excitement that comes with your first few sleepovers with a guy you’ve been dating or hooking up with for only a few weeks. But how do you handle it when there’s the possibility you’ll be staying the night? What should you bring just in case—and even more importantly, how can you go about your usual (yet slightly condensed) morning routine so you leave the right impression? Waking up with black raccoon-like eyes and Frankenstein bed hair can be mortifying, so HC generated a list of essential products you’ll want to bring with you in your going-out bag and how exactly you should use them.

Remember, staying out means simplifying, and here’s how you can pull it off!

Problem: Bad Morning Breath

There’s nothing like waking up next to someone with a stale, smelly cottonmouth. Wondering how you’re supposed to make an attempt to cover it up and sneak in another kiss at the same time? Here are three options to solve a case of horrid morning breath.

mouth lips morning breath bad Solution #1: Bring a Travel-Sized Toothbrush
Want a clean mouth and don’t think a mint or piece of gum will do it? Invest in a travel- sized toothbrush, which can be found at any drugstore. “Keep it simple and invest in travel-sized products! You don’t want to be carrying around a suitcase in your purse,” says Charmaine, a student at the University of Oregon. Leave the toothpaste at home—you can always use his! Carry your travel-sized toothbrush in a small case/makeup bag. If you wake up before he does, simply pop into the bathroom and quickly brush and rinse. No need to listen to your dentist this morning and brush for three minutes, but a quick brush and rinse will have your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

Solution #2: Bring Altoids
Forgot the toothbrush or don’t feel like carrying it around all night? We understand. Altoids’ slogan isn’t, “Dangerously strong” for no reason! Have no worries, collegiettes™, if you know that you’re a late riser and he’ll be up before you, just pop one of these in your mouth and you won’t have to worry about him pulling away when you try to get in some more lip action. “I always keep mints with me, so I chew one in the morning while we are still in bed. Garbage breath is not fun. Chewing mints lets you not worry about that,” says Genevieve, a student at Hunter College in New York.

Solution #3: Use Your Finger, Use His Toothpaste
Shoot! You forgot to bring along a tin of mints. Don’t fret just yet. Rachel, student at Northeastern University says, “At the very least I use my finger and his toothpaste.” Using his toothpaste and your finger as a toothbrush, though a temporary fix, will cover up the morning breath long enough until you get back to your dorm.

Michelle Golden is a senior Writing, Literature and Publishing major at Emerson College working towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts. A transfer from Ithaca College in upstate New York, Michelle moved to the center of the Theatre District right outside of the Boston Common at the beginning of her sophomore year. Michelle is the relationships editor for em magazine, Emerson’s only campus lifestyle publication and previously one of the features writers. She has interned at OK! Magazine and Us Weekly in New York in the beauty department. She is currently interning half the week at Her Campus and the other half at Cosmopolitan. Michelle has also been actively involved with Teen Voices magazine located in Boston, Massachusetts working with teen girls all over the world and Music Unites, a non-profit based in New York City that raises awareness and funding for music programs in inner-city schools. Email her at [email protected].