How to Dress For Your Celebrity Body Type

Whether you’ve got Adele’s curves or Miranda Kerr’s legs, you can maximize what you’ve got if you just dress the part. From tiny to tall, your favorite celebs can show you how to dress for your body type so you can flaunt your most flattering figure.

Petite All Over: Mila Kunis

Fashion may know not of comfort, but few petite fashionistas are willing to wear heels 24/7 to give off a taller appearance. Instead, avoid heavy layers as they will only weigh you down, but don’t shy away from loose-fitting items, which will help fill your small frame out. High-waisted items help elongate the legs and when cinched at the waist, may help give the illusion of curves. Mila Kunis flatters her body type with a billowy top tucked into a pencil skirt, which gives her curves up top and a distinct waist.

Petite and Curvy: Kim Kardashian

You’re petite, but not sans a full figure — your greatest fashion faux pas is, well, a look Snooki would be proud of— that is, an outfit that accentuates your curves in all the wrong places and makes you look several inches shorter. But, according to celebrity stylist Colin McDonald, who has worked with the likes of Joe Zee and Michelle Obama, you shouldn’t be hiding your curves! Cropped jackets à la Kim Kardashian will help elongate your top half. As for bottoms, if you’re going long, go long and if you’re going short, go short (but not too short!). Wear lengthy, flared pants that will lengthen your bottom half or wear above-the-knee skirts that balance out your curvy hips. Try a raised shoulder to proportion out your bust-to-shoulder ratio.

Athletic: Serena Williams

Whether you got over the Freshman 15 by sticking to your gym plan or you were born with more muscles than curves, your athletic build is something to show off! Wearing colors and patterns will add dimension to your figure and since your toned legs are something to see, skinny jeans are a must. Mixing and matching lengths — for example, long sleeves with a short skirt or vice versa — will only draw attention to one toned limb at a time so you can avoid looking stocky. Tennis player and fashionista Serena Williams gets dressed up in a flirty, draped tunic to soften the lines of her body.

Curvy Hourglass: Katy Perry

If you’ve got a curvy hourglass body type, meaning you’ve been blessed with curves on top and bottom, the key to looking good is to accentuate your waist. Cinching and belting, according to McDonald, add structure to the body. Move away from loose-fitting tops, which will rest over your curves and give you a boxy look that will only add pounds to your figure. Katy Perry, who’s a fan of big belts and all things high-waisted, makes the look work by wearing form-fitting (but not skin-tight, even for Friday nights!) clothing.

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