The HC Team's Style Resolutions for 2011

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With the new year around the corner, now is the perfect time to kick that bad style habit you’ve been honing for months. Whether you wear sweats to class or are guilty of sticking to the same look day in and day out, here are some easy ways to mix it up for 2011.  We polled the HC Team to find out what our style resolutions are for the coming year and doled out advice for how we can stick to them.  

Style Resolution #1: “This year, I refuse to let the crazy Boston weather affect my wardrobe! I plan on continuing to wear heels and cute dresses to class, even if I have to brave the snow and freezing temperatures to get there!” -- Nikki Fig, Her Campus Editorial Intern, Emerson College 

How to: Sweatpants may be warm and comfy, but there are much more stylish ways to show up to class that let you stay cozy and look cute. If you aren’t so thrilled with the idea of heels or dresses, invest in basics – stretchy leggings in lots of colors, long-sleeved tees, warm knits and a pair of loose boyfriend jeans – in soft, comfortable materials that will motivate you to pull off your sweats in the morning. “In order to avoid going to class in my yoga pants, I’ll plan my outfit out the night before,” explains Lindsey Taylor, a senior at Northeastern University. She’s right! Spending 15 minutes choosing your outfit, down to which shoes, scarf and jacket you’ll wear, saves you time in the morning and ensures you’ll look your absolute best.   

Style Resolution #2: “I always let my nails get so bad, to the point where I just can't take it anymore, and I break down and go get a manicure. This year, I want to take care of my nails by myself, and save some money and frustration!” -- Gabriela Szewcow, Her Campus Contributing Writer, Elon University 

How to: We’re all guilty of letting our manicures and pedicures chip for weeks before we finally pull out the nail polish remover. Invest in a monthly mani/pedi and reapply top coat regularly throughout the month. Have your salon use a color that you own, or buy the new hue, so that when your nails chip, you can easily touch them up. “If you tend to chip faster than everyone else, try a neutral gray like this season's Chinchilly by Essie,” suggests Boston blogger and personal stylist Sarah McManus.

Rather do ‘em yourself? Choose a girlfriend and make a monthly nail date. Pop in a DVD, pull on your sweats and share colors. You’ll have fun and end up with gorgeous fingers and toes! Here’s a great eHow guide on how to do your own nails. Or, if you prefer a visual guide, this YouTube video is super helpful!  



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Rachel Kossman is a Northeastern University graduate, and former Her Campus Campus Correspondent. She spent her junior and senior years writing for Her Campus National, and is thrilled to be back contributing to the Post Graduate section.

Rachel is currently working as Associate Editor for DAYSPA magazine, an industry publication for spa owners, where she gets to write about spa products, business tips, spa industry news, focus on green lifestyle content, and even review a spa or two every once in a while! She is currently living back in Los Angeles, where she was born and raised, and though she misses Boston and all her friends out east, is very happy to be away from the cold and snow!