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I recently made the bold attempt to de-clutter my dorm room closet… but after winter break, that was a feat easier said than done.
I realized that I had returned to school with twice the wardrobe I moved in with at the beginning of the year. While I was home for break (armed with a pocketful of holiday spending money), I bought extra pajamas, a cashmere sweater for a Christmas party, a black blazer for an interview, and an array of jewelry.
OK, I'll be the first to admit that my closet is out of control (it’s so packed that the door won’t close). What’s worse is that I usually leave 15 minutes to put an outfit together before work or class, so I wind up rotating the same tops and bottoms. As a result, nearly a quarter of the clothes I own goes unworn and hangs in my closet for months at a time—some still with the tags!
I’m sure you can relate to my fashion predicament, collegiettes. You scrounge through the hangers in your closet and the depths of your drawers and in the end, you opt for that simple black top and scarf combo, saying simply, "I have nothing to wear!"

Well move over, Polyvore. I have a new virtual stylist customized to my closet.

Here to make sense of your closet chaos overflowing with tops, t-shirts, dresses, shoes, accessories, and jewelry, is Stylitics— an up-and-coming website that calls itself “your own personal style assistant that makes being stylish easier than ever.” They launched just last month, but already thousands of fashionistas have been testing out this new style platform.
So how does it work?
According to Stylitics, the average consumer has over 250 items in their closet (that’s a lot of clothes and a lot of room for repeat ensembles). But their calendar function ensures you don't repeat outfits and helps you plan what to wear from day-to-day or for upcoming events. The site logs what you own (allowing you to manually upload photos of all your items or add things via a simple web search), developing a virtual closet, and lets you fill in all the details on the item’s brand, colors, fabrics, patterns, and sizes. It keeps track of your outfit history and recent purchases, and alerts you to new trends. They even tell you the weather so that you that you know not to wear those suede booties.
Besides giving you information about your clothes, Stylitics gives you rewards and deals to help you save money. It gives you facts on your clothing items like average cost per wear, items worn the most, and how much your closet is worth.

Your Style Profile is a way for you to showcase your unique style. As you develop your virtual closet and establish your personal style, the smarter it becomes. Stylitics will start to make outfit recommendations for you and even allow you to message directly with clothing brands. The more items you add to your closet, the more points you receive and the more levels you advance through. As you progress through their 50 levels, you can receive achievements ranging from online badges of achievement to discounts on your clothing brands.
To get started on your closet, go to Because Stylitics is up and coming, they’re invitation only (ooh, exclusive) and you need to request an invitation code to sign-up. Once you receive an invitation by e-mail, you can begin logging on to your own personal style assistant, Stylitics. Have fun, fashionistas!


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