9 Times Mona's Outfit on 'Pretty Little Liars' Was a Hint That She's Crazy

As a diehard Pretty Little Liars fan, I’m really sad that the series is coming to an end. Honestly, I thought we would find out who A is in 50 years and the ladies of PLL would be the next Golden Girls with a twist. Though it's coming to an end, we can still have a Netflix party and rewatch the whole thing, amirite? Speaking of looking back, remember that time Mona went nuts and the writers revealed she was A? We should’ve called it! I mean have you seen her wardrobe? Behold some of her craziest looks.

1. 'Loser' Mona

I know you’re scared.

2. Polka dots & snot green

This outfit is probably why she looks so sad.

3. Shoulder pads & floral pants


4. Bejeweled sweater, patterned jeans & pink wedges 


5. Whatever this is

Um... gorgeous? 

6. Blue dress

Okay this would be cute if it wasn't for that inbuilt bandana/triangle thing.

7. Tacky gold

Does this remind you of Jersey Shore?

8. Black & red skirt

Cute... I guess.

9. Halloween

My favorite!

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