The 7 Best Fashion Moments From 'Catching Fire'

Those who have seen The Hunger Games’ sequel, Catching Fire, may agree that the fabulous fashion that costume designer Trish Summerville describes as "darker, moodier and more lush" was just as intense and exciting as the film’s plot.  But whether or not you’ve seen it on the big screen, you’ll be able to appreciate these incredible looks from Catching Fire!

1. Katniss: Feathered Dress

Summerville explains that her intent with this combination of a velvet embroidered bodice, tulle flame shaped base and feather motif was "to keep the storyline of the girl on fire and also the mockingjay."

2. Effie: Fuschia Alexander McQueen Dress

Summerville contacted McQueen's public relations team for the opportunity to work this dress into Effie's onscreen wardrobe, saying "they were lovely about loaning us one of a kind and archive pieces."

3. Katniss: Tex Saverio Wedding Dress

The light layers of this gorgeous gown contrast with a metal bodice that Summerville explains was intended to "feel like a frame." Summerville collaborated with designer Tex Saverio to create this look that used feathers to again incorporate the idea of the girl on fire and the mockingjay.

4. Johanna: Custom Cork Dress

This custom made dress is made of pressed cork and tiny brass nails and is shredded at the bottom so that, as Summerville expresses, "it looks like falling leaves."

5. Effie: Butterfly Alexander McQueen Dress

This intricate butterfly motif dress was another one of a kind contribution from McQueen's public relations team. Summerville explained: "Effie wears dresses with an exaggerated hip and exaggerated collar. It's all about her constantly being uncomfortable."

6. Katniss: Mockingjay Dress

This dramatic dress required an illustrator to develop images on the bodice and feathers of the skirt, including an assortment of birds, such as bluejays, mockingbirds, peacocks and pheasants. Summerville added: "I paired it with cobalt blue Jimmy Choos that Jen [Lawrence] really loved."

7. Effie: Lilac Alexander McQueen Dress

Another dazzling McQueen creation, this gorgeous layered lilac dress was instrumental in transforming Elizabeth Banks into Effie Trinket. Summerville described the effect, saying "as soon as she put the costumes on, you knew that was Effie Trinket." 

Allie Sutherland is an Architecture Student and Alpha Phi sister in the Syracuse University class of 2015.

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