5 Pinterest-Worthy Ways to Style Your Jewelry

We've all got our go-to jewelry pieces, from stacks of rings to the necklace we never take off. But changing up how you wear it—or adding new pieces to the mix—can really bring a certain wow-factor to your outfit. To get inspired, we headed straight to Pinterest (where else?!) to scope out some of the coolest pieces and best ways to style them. Here are our favorites!

1. Lanyard chain bracelets

Lanyard seems so '90s summer camp (if memory serves, that looks like the cobra stitch!), but we can't stop fawning over these DIY-friendly bracelets. We love how they are a combination of playful and sophisticated. This girl totally rocks the stacked look without going overboard!

2. Chunky tribal-inspired necklaces

At first, you may not know what to make of this set of stiff-looking necklaces. They almost resemble something you might find at Home Depot, but a few more seconds of staring will probably help them grow on you. The tribal-inspired necklace trend has been on the rise, and now we get why. The texture of the main rope, combined with the gold and blue thread, is absolute perfection! If you're not ready to embrace this trend full-on, there are plenty of less bold (but still pretty!) versions to check out.

3. Barely-there head chain

Normally, these jewelry-inspired headbands give off a bohemian-chic vibe, but this delicate chain totally feels like a piece straight from a flapper party in the Jazz Age. The chains are simple, so the bling-y pendant they attach to balances the look out nicely. An elegant accessory like this would be perfectly appropriate for a cocktail party or any glamorous night out with the girls!

4. Hammered gold "X" ring

Between the midi ring and stacked band, our fingers sure have been covered in rings these days! This beautifully crafted ring has a great tilted shape—it almost looks as if you're wearing more than one ring, and at an angle. Plus, the imperfect texture gives the ring a more rustic, one-of-a-kind feel. We kind of need this to be our new everyday ring!

5. Layered statement necklaces

You've probably already tried layering delicate chains in a super-elegant way, but if you just can't get enough of your statement necklaces, take them up a few notches by pairing some of them together! We're not saying to wear all of your fave BaubleBar pieces at once, but find a general color scheme and layer the pieces according to length. We love how the textures of the spiky necklace and neon yellow tassel necklace work together!

Time raid your jewelry box and go wild! 

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