The 20 Hottest Sky-High Summer Shoes: Espadrilles, Platforms, Wedges—Oh My!

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Shoes this season are all about height. Espadrilles, platforms, wedges—if it’s stacked, it’s hot. But between formals and finals, all you collegiettes™ don’t have the time to scour your favorite shopping spots for the perfect platformed pair, so HC has done your work for you! Below are the 20 chicest, tallest shoes out there at every price point, because we know HC-ers rock only the most elevated styles. 

Hottest Summer Shoes Under $50

1. Wood Ya?

wood platform heels touch of stud Quipid

Touch of Stud Platform Heels, Qupid, $33

2. Pretty Lady

bowtye sandal BP

Bowtye Sandal, BP, $49.95

3. Buckle Up

Rocca Wedge Platform Sandals CityClassified

Rocca Wedge Platform Sandals, CityClassified, $28

4. Bring the Clunk

Jacqueline Studded Platform Heels GoMax

Jacqueline Studded Platform Heels, GoMax, $42

5. Natural Beauty

Canvas Strap Wedge Cooperative

Canvas Strap Wedge, Cooperative, $48

Hottest Summer Shoes Under $75

6. Do-Gooder

Canvas Wedge TOMS

Canvas Wedge, TOMS, $68.95

7. Top Flip-Flop

Flip Flop Wedge Tory Burch black white

Flip Flop Wedge, Tory Burch, $55

8. The Jean Jeanie

BP Cork Wedge Sandal Denim Jean

Cork Wedge Sandal, BP, $59.95

9. Garden Party

Desert Queen Wedge Chinese Laundry Floral

Desert Queen Wedge, Chinese Laundry, $69.95

10. White Hot

metallic Destinee Sandal Chinese Laundry

Destinee Sandal, Chinese Laundry, $68.95

Hottest Summer Shoes Under $100

11. Roped In

Rapup Sandal Steve Madden tan white

Rapup Sandal, Steve Madden, $79.95

12. Electric Feel

Bright Spot Sandal Nina Pink Electric Wedge

Bright Spot Sandal, Nina, $89.99

13. Hey, Sailor!

Santa Rosa Wedge Sandals Sperry Top-Sder Sailor

Santa Rosa Wedge Sandals, Sperry Top-Sider, $90

14. Good Day Sunshine

Katonal Jessica Simpson yellow wedge

Katonal, Jessica Simpson, $79

15. In A Nude Mood

triple strap wedge BDG nude tan tall

Triple Strap Wedge, BDG, $79

Hottest Summer Shoes Under $175

16. Fruit Punch

Quarterstrap Platform wedge Dolce Vita pink coral

Quarterstrap Platform Wedge, Dolce Vita, $168.00

17. Skyscraper 

Cutout Wedge Garcelle Nude Tan

Cutout Wedge, Garcelle, $100

18. Disco Sweetheart

San Diego Platform Jeffrey Campbell pink

San Diego Platform, Jeffrey Campbell, $131

19. Run Teal That

Dolce Vita Toni Strapped Espadrille Wedge Sandal Teal

Toni Strapped Espadrille Wedge Sandal, DV by Dolce Vita, $107.58

20. Get Lifted

Mootchie Slide In Wedge Sandals Jeffrey Campbell white

Mootchie Slide In Wedge Sandals, Jeffrey Campbell, $142


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