HC’s 7 Favorite Fictional Male Athletes (& Why We Love Them)


Whether you’re a fanatic football fan, hungry for hockey, crazed about curling, or you can’t even tell the difference between a touchdown and a goalie, we can all agree that no matter the sport, athletes are downright hot. Between the long workouts, toned muscles, and sexy uniforms, it’s hard to say no when a sports superstar comes knocking. But since some of us just don’t have the attention span long enough to last through nine innings of baseball (I mean, I’d do a lot for Derek Jeter, but who has the time for that?), we have to turn to the silver screen for our regular dosage of entertaining acts of athleticism. So sit back, relax, and check out HC’s list of our favorite fictional athletes, no shin pads necessary.

Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights

Point blank: Tim Riggins is hot. Between the tousled hair, Texan twang to his voice, and with his blood alcohol level consistently above the legal limit, Tim is that sexually driven sensual high school football player that everyone wants to either be or be with. But his unreasonably good looks aside, Tim’s a good guy deep down. He falls for the good girl with strong Christian values, Lyla Garrity, and she’s the only girl in the town of Dillon who could settle down with the most non-committal of them all. Time and time again, Tim shows just how big his heart is—from making a major sacrifice for his brother and his family, to taking lonely girl Becky under his wing—and that he’d put himself out on the line for just about anyone he cares about. How could we possibly resist that… and his plaid shirt-and-cowboy boots wardrobe?

Teddy Montgomery from 90210

A tennis player who practically went pro before graduating high school? Sure, we’ll take him! While we obviously love his skills on the court, there’s no resisting his allure when he puts the racquet down, either.  After struggling with his sexuality for a long time (read: a few episodes—TV doesn’t have time for years of turmoil), he was finally able to gain the courage to come out to himself and his friends. But that’s not necessarily what makes this tennis star so special. He’s one of our faves because of his sensitive side and willingness to be everyone’s GBFF when they need him. Hello, he even offered his ex-girlfriend (whom he dumped to explore the wonderful world of men) his sperm so that she could get pregnant—if that’s not friendship, then I don’t know what is.

Noah Puckerman from Glee

In all honesty, who doesn’t love a faux-hawk (and you’re totally lying to yourself if you disagree)? On top of that, we all not-so-secretly love bad boys. So it’s only natural that we fell for Glee’s resident bad***, Puck. Even when he was throwing Kurt (and his Marc Jacobs) into the dumpster or tossing slushies in the faces of “losers,” there was always something about the Varsity football player that drew us in. Outside of the locker room (and a season or two in), Puck really starts to shine—his heart is in the right place… and it’s not at the bottom of the pool he’s cleaning. He offered to help Quinn take care of their baby, stood by his new gleeky friends and faced their enemies head on, and he’s been the cutest older brother, helping his half-brother navigate through high school and attempt to understand girls. Bonus points: he can make any song sound sexy, seriously.

Jamie is a recent graduate of the George Washington University where she majored in Political Communication and Journalism.  While in school, she interned at several magazines and online publications, wrote for Her Campus, and contributed to her university's newspaper, The Hatchet. Her work has been syndicated in The Huffington Post, USA Today College, and Reader's Digest. Jamie loves boy bands, anything with a little wit and sarcasm, and of course, diet coke. She is currently pursuing a career in magazine journalism in NYC. You can follow her on Twitter, @jamieblynn


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