The 5 Craziest Things We’ve Done to Stalk Our Crushes

We check his Facebook profile. We know his class schedule. We rejoice whenever we spot him wearing our favorite sweater (because navy blue really brings out his eyes). The one thing we don’t do? Date him. At least, not yet.

Sound familiar? That’s because this scenario describes the dynamic between most of us collegiettes and our crushes. No shame. After all, what’s a crush without a little Facebook stalking every now and then? Sometimes, though, the most, ahem, devoted among us get a bit more creative, going beyond the boundaries of cyberspace to creep on our crushes. Now that we know the dos and don’ts of Facebook stalking, it’s time we step up our game and learn from these collegiettes and their sneakiest, most stalker-ish ways of cozying up to their crushes.

The Following Act

It’s a basic fact that every collegiette knows: the more often he sees you, the more often he’ll think about you. While some choose to believe in kismet, serendipity, fate, and any other principle that says we’ll simply stumble into the arms of our next great love (preferably en route to our morning lecture class, on a day when we actually had time to put on mascara), the rest of us are a little bit more impatient. Who says we have to wait around for Prince Charming, anyway? We’ve already spotted him and his astonishing arms from across campus, so we’ll be taking matters into our own hands, thank you very much.

Jenna*, a junior at the University of San Diego, didn’t sit idly by waiting for Mr. Right to find her, but instead took the initiative and pursued Mr. Right... literally. “My freshman year I had a crush on an upperclassman pre-med student,” she explains. “I’m in humanities, but I used to walk all the way across campus to the café next to the science building for lunch in the hopes of running into him and his friends.” (The best part? It worked! Two years and a whole bunch of stalker-ish lunches later, Jenna and her crush are still dating.)

Erica*, a junior at James Madison University, took the following act one step further. “I saw that this guy I was into had put up his class schedule on Facebook,” she admits, “and changed my route to class in order to see him.” Hey, what can you expect when you put up your schedule for the world to see? That’s either a rookie mistake or a serious invitation to stalk. (We prefer to believe it’s the latter.)

Sure, it would be awk-city if your crush discovered that you’d been following him around, but let’s get serious: is there an honest lady among us who can say that she’s never taken a special lap around a hallway or timed her lunch break just right in order to pass by that dreamy guy from orientation? We didn’t think so. As long as he doesn’t catch on to your paparazzi-style stakeouts (and you still have time to live your own life), you’re golden.

The Gift-Giving

While gift-giving can easily cross over from slightly stalker-ish to flat-out frightening, one collegiette managed the feat while coming off as more of a Casanova than a creeper.

“There was this one guy who I met the first week of school who I just couldn’t take my eyes off of – he looked like Ryan Gosling!” recounts Haley*, a junior at Skidmore College. “Months later, after only saying hi once or twice, I sent him an anonymous rose on Valentine’s Day. His hook-up buddy probably wasn’t too happy about it, but even though I had no intention of ever revealing that it was from me, I wanted to make him smile. And let him know there were other options out there, of course!” The gift-giving was enough for Haley; she never ended up making a move on the guy, and instead started looking for more available Campus Cuties.

It’s a sticky situation getting in between a guy and his girl – after all, that girl’s a collegiette just like us, and Real Live College Guy Ryan confirms that the middle is a tough place to be – but we can’t help but have some respect for this Zorro-esque, stalker-ish move. But beware: before you pull a move like this, make sure you’re sticking to girl code! If he’s in an official relationship or is hooking up with (or used to date) one of your friends, it’s best to keep your distance and seek out greener (and more available) pastures.

Kate is the Associate Editor of Her Campus. Before joining the staff full-time, Kate was the Campus Correspondent for the HC Skidmore College chapter as well as an editorial intern, Love editor, and national contributing writer for HC. In addition to her work with Her Campus, Kate has been a Sex & Love stringer and digital editorial intern for and an Inner Circle Trendspotter for MTV. Kate graduated from Skidmore College summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a Bachelor of Arts in English and French. In her spare time, Kate is usually spotted writing fiction, playing tennis, reading pop culture blogs until her eyes hurt, baking cookies, or dreaming up her next travel adventure.

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