21 Things Only Girls Who Are Horrible at Flirting Understand

Face it—flirting has never been your strongest skill. When it comes to approaching your crush or rocking a date, you feel as if you couldn't be more awkward if you tried. For all us girls out there who aren't exactly the most graceful at flirting, these are the 21 moments we have all experienced. 

1. The act of approaching your crush is pretty much terrifying 

2. You even feel like you mess up small talk somehow

3. You often end up tongue-tied 

4. Initiating physical contact just isn’t going to be graceful

5. Sometimes you accept defeat before even trying

6. Your texting self is much more calm, cool and collected than your in-person self

7. But even texting your crush back requires consultation from your closest friends

8. You can completely miss out on cues 

9. Your crush can’t even tell when you’re flirting with them

10. You're no stranger to awkward silence

11. Wanting to be noticed by someone, then panicking when they decide to approach you

12. You pretty much have no idea what you’re doing half the time

13. You’ve tried to borrow flirting tips from outside sources…and failed

14. There’s no such thing as casually flirting without being nervous

15. Eye contact can just be too much

16. You don’t understand how it’s possible to laugh in a cute way

17. You are either too closed off in fear of being vulnerable and come off as uninterested…

18. …or you can open up too fast and freak your crush out

19. When someone ends up being interested in you, you're confused about how it happened

20. After going on a date, you end up thinking about everything you did wrong and could’ve done better

21. At the end of the day, you know you may be horrible at flirting, but someone will love you and all of your awkwardness

I'm Crystal Moyer and I am currently a sophomore at Penn State University and am majoring in English due to my love for all things reading and writing. In my free time you can catch me binge watching Netflix, writing poetry, or spending too much money on makeup and clothes. 

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