10 Free Dates

With rising tuition and increasing loans, we find ourselves making more and more sacrifices in many aspects of life just to save money. Luckily, your love life doesn’t have to be one of them! Rather than going out on dates to expensive places, why not go on dates that are just as fun without spending a dime? After all, “the best things in life are free.”

Her Campus is here to help you by suggesting a list of the top most fun, creative, and best of all, free ideas for dates:

Game Night


Challenge your guy in fun competition by having a game night with him. Rather than be that girl who complains about how her boyfriend spends more time playing video games than with her, why don’t you join in with your gamer boyfriend? You’ll be sure to impress your guy by offering to take him down in a game of Call of Duty or Madden NFL. For the sake of variety, you can add other types of games such as classic board games, charades, or question games. And for more flirty entertainment, make teasing bets and prizes for the winner of your games. The quality time you guys will get to spend together playing games you have for free will be much more rewarding than having to pay to have that same amount of fun and entertainment.

Study Date

As studious collegiettes, your books should always come before your boyfriend, but having study dates together is a good compromise of time between the two. Bring your homework, textbooks, and papers to the library or study lounge and get cracking on schoolwork together. Rather than being distractions to each other, make playful incentives to get the work done. Yes, that means the cuddling, kisses, and other flirty activities will have to wait until everything is finished, but all the more motivation, right?

Dorm Movie Night

Rather than spending money to go watch a movie outside in theaters, why not take advantage of the privacy of your own dorm or apartment? You won’t have to pay the rising costs of tickets and concessions, and you get the benefit of cuddle-friendly seclusion together. If you haven’t brought any movies with you to your school, be sure to ask your dorm or college where you can find movies for free. Many provide free movies that students can check out in the library or a dorm resource center. However, if the two of you do feel like you better enjoy the silver screen there are still ways you can see movies for free. You can sign up on websites where they invite you to free or advanced screenings of new movies.

Explore Your College Town

Be spontaneous and go on an unguided adventure to explore your college town. You can walk, bicycle, or take advantage of free campus transportation if possible. The impulsive nature of the date will add excitement and spark to your relationship, especially if your relationship has become a little monotone. You never know what exciting places you might discover. You could find your own special “secret spot” or perhaps what you’ll discover are new things about each other in your chat together whilst on the adventure. Be sure to bring a camera to capture the special moments and wonderful sights you might find along the way!

Visit a Museum or Art Gallery

Take advantage of the free museums and art galleries in your area available to the public and go on a cultured date. Many places offer specific discounted or free passes for students. Enjoy the simple pleasures of hand-holding and experiencing the museum or gallery together. Be inspired, appreciate, and learn. These are some of the best things in life that are even better enjoyed with someone special.

Avianne Tan is a senior at New York University studying journalism and English. As a social justice advocate, feminist and mental health advocate, Avianne aspires to use journalism as a platform to raise awareness and incite positive change. 

Currently, she is an interactive news intern for WABC-TV NY Channel 7 Eyewitness News at 7online.com. Being a news junkie, she also writes for The News Blog here on Her Campus. When she's not reading or writing news, Avianne loves taking spontaneous adventures, eating new food and relaxing with her pets. 

Catch Avianne Flu by following her on Twitter and Instagram! To learn more about Avianne, please visit her website at www.aviannetan.wix.com/atan.

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