Turkey Day Hair and Makeup

Hey, collegiette! Thanksgiving break is here and it’s time to bolt from campus and go sleep in our own beds, eat lots of amazing homemade food, and of course…get drilled with questions about how college is going and what you’ve been up to.  Along with this, you’ll definitely want to look great for your family (let’s face it; sleep deprivation isn’t very cute at the dinner table), so I’ve come up with a few combos that’re simple and chic for the holidays!

1. Sock Bun and Cat Eyes   

I have a lot of younger relatives, and one of the things that works best for me is to put my hair up and go with some waterproof makeup.  That way, I can run around and play with them worry-free. If you don’t know how to make/do a sock bun, check out a YouTube tutorial. It honestly takes only ten minutes! When it comes to makeup, some winged eyeliner and mascara will make you look very awake and frame your face since your hair is up.  As far as lips or contouring, it’s entirely up to you, but something simple is best. It’s your family and they love you the way you are, no need to get too fancy!

2. Side Braid and Neutral Makeup   

The best part about this type of look is that it can either be dressed up or down.  The soft features accentuate the face, and the hair looks so intricate but isn’t difficult at all to do with some practice. 

3. Natural Hair and Bold Eyes and Lips 

It certainly doesn’t have to be that bold, but I’m a huge fan of dark reds and purple lips in the autumn season. Plus, natural hair requires no work!  If you’re uncomfortable with your natural hair or don’t like it, a ponytail or applying a product for texture (dry shampoo, mousse, sea salt spray, etc.) might help. By doing a smoky/colorful eye makeup, the attention will be taken away from your hair and won’t be extremely drastic. 

Those are my three favorites, and if you try one, make sure to post and hashtag with #HCXOWVWC.  Stay gorgeous, safe travels, and have a great Thanksgiving!

I love makeup and caffeine.

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