Meet Running Back Andrew Buie!

Andrew Buie is the Mountaineers sophomore running back from Jacksonville, Florida. Currently, Buie is enrolled in general studies, but as a dream career he would like to be an astronaut.
This year Buie had a standout game vs. Texas, where he ran for 207 yards and two touchdowns. His most memorable moment at WVU so far was the Orange bowl victory against Clemson last season. Buie described the game simply as “crazy”.
Football has always been part of Buie’s life, he has been playing since age 5. Buie realized he had talent at a young age when referees would ask his coach to bench him because of lopsided games. He then got progressively better through hard work and gives credit to being blessed.
Outside playing for the mountaineers, Buie enjoys spending time with his family. Buie’s family travels from Florida frequently to watch him play. He expresses his inner child by playing video games and watching spongebob squarepants.