Meet Julie Diamond, Homecoming Queen!

Her Campus WVU had the privledge of interviewing the 2011 Homecoming Queen, Julie Diamond. Read below to find out why she decided to run and what she plans on doing with her title.

Her Campus WVU: Why did you decide to run for Homecoming Queen?

Julie Diamond: "I wanted to have the opportunity to reach out to the student body and community that I've grown up around my entire life. I wanted to be able to convey the importance and benefits of working hard in school while still participating in extracurricular activities and community service."

HC: How was the week of campaigning?

JD: "Campaigning was a whirlwind of excitement. "I met so many special and exceptional students while standing outside of the Mountainlair and going to club and organization meetings, and I feel so lucky I got to see how diverse and interesting our student body really is. I also got to see how much my friends and family cared about me through their help with banner making, candy-stickering, and overwhelming support. Campaigning was a very special experience that I am so grateful for."

HC: How did you feel when you won?

JD: "It's hard to put in to words how I felt when my name was announced. It was like all of my hard work throughout my life had culminated to this point, and it was one of the most rewarding feelings I've ever experienced. However, even if I hadn't won, The fact that my sorority sisters and friends waited hours in the pouring rain just to cheer me on and chant my name at halftime was completely surreal. I could honestly feel the love and support from everyone who had helped me over the past two weeks, and knowing I have such amazing people in my life is extremely spectacular on its own."

HC: What is your goal as the 2011 Homecoming Queen?

JD: "As an undergraduate at WVU, I've had many diverse experiences that have molded me into the person I am today. I want to be able to show students that it is very possible to excel in school while still having a ton of fun. I want them to realize how exciting it is to meet people from different spectrums across campus, and how much they can benefit from meeting such unique people. In addition, I would like to integrate these diverse people in an effort to give back to the amazing community in Morgantown and the state. If possible, I want to implement an after school tutoring program that combines different groups across campus. They would travel to public schools in the area, helping kids with their homework and promoting education through college. WVU is an amazing institution that opens doors for many students; I hope we can educate the young people of the state that their possibilities are endless with WVU's help."

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