Introducing Club Sports Board VP, Devon Nolan!

Over her past four years here at WVU, senior Devon Nolan has been very active around campus. Keeping good grades while still having fun and going out is what she does best. At heart she is a simple girl who loves to see her friends, eat sushi and of course play some lacrosse, but she is also your Club Sports Board Vice President.
Name: Devon Nolan
Age: 21
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Major: Child development and family studies
Q: What made you start playing lacrosse and what do you enjoy about it?

A: Well Maryland is a big lacrosse area to start off. My neighbors played it and so did all my friends. So naturally that’s what got me started off. I keep playing now because I love being on a team and staying active. Being a goalie, I love stepping on the field every game with excitement and ready to win! I am always down to lax out!
Q: How long have you been playing for?

A: I started in 7th grade. First stick I picked up was wooden. I played defense for the first three years of lacrosse. Then a coach asked me "Devon would you like to try goal?" I said "Sure, why not?" Ever since then it has been a great fit for me and I enjoy every second between the pipes. So I have been laxin out for about 10 years. My favorite thing about the game is having a team that puts their entire heart into every game. I love getting my defense to work together to protect the goal and own the field.
Q: How long have you been on the Women’s Club Lacrosse team at WVU?

A: I have been on the team for three years. Last year (junior year) I was Vice President, and this year I am the President.
Q: Why did you decide to run for a spot on the club sports board?

A: I really wanted to become more involved in the athletic aspect of WVU. I think it is amazing that WVU has 45 competitive club sports. I wanted to be a part of growing the program even larger and making WVU Club Sports stand out on campus. I have so much pride in the lacrosse team, now I have so much pride in all the Club Sport teams. I got the position of vice president because it was an open position I wanted and the student body voted me in for it.
Q: What would you want to people to know about you from this?

A: I enjoy being involved around campus and helping organizations grow to become more efficient and well-known. I love to express my new ideas and actually take action to make new things happen.