The Guys You'll Meet At WVU

The Frat Star – He’s the one you love to party with and he’s always ready to throw down. You’ll find him either rocking the preppy boy look or his letters and usually he’s quoting something that can be related back to “Total Frat Move.” He’s the perfect accessory to any date party or formal. Is he a huge tool bag or total sweet heart? It’s up to you to figure it out. 

The Ex Hot Shot – He was high school royalty, probably won both homecoming and prom king and he still brags about how he led his football team to the state championship his junior year. He can’t accept that his glory days are now behind him and that it’s time to grow up. He probably still occasionally wears his old high school jersey just to show it off – as if anyone actually cares. 

The Over-Enthusiastic West Virginia Fan – The only way he could be a bigger West Virginia Fan is if he was the Mountaineer himself. He’s usually always wearing some form of blue and gold spirit wear and his ringtone has probably been “Country Roads” since the day he got his first cell phone. 

The Wanna-Be Frat Star- Basically he’s a geed that’s known by everyone in Greek life, just because he wants to be a part of it so badly. He claims that he “doesn’t want to pay for friends” and he usually hates on Greek life but in reality he probably just didn’t get a bid from an actual fraternity. He can be seen at almost all the frat parties, maybe even a date party or two, and he usually drools over the frat boys like a little schoolgirl. Desperate much? 

The Mama’s Boy- He probably had really overprotective parents in high school, and wasn’t allowed out of the house without checking with his mom first. So basically he’s an adult that’s never actually had a taste of adulthood. He went from being sheltered and restricted at home to having total freedom at WVU practically overnight. He’s most likely either going to become an alcoholic or a druggie and there’s a 99.9% chance that he’ll end up in rehab after he gets kicked out of school. 

The Try Hard- He’s never been to a party in his life and he can usually be found turning up at club lib on a Saturday night. He’s most likely an engineering major of some sort and probably has never scored below an A on an exam. He’s a part of almost every student organization that the school offers. Some might refer to him as “The Over Achiever” but we all know that one day he’ll richer than all of us. 

The Nice Guy – He’s never had a mean word to say about anyone and he’s always there to listen to you rant on about your relationship problems. He’s probably been friend-zoned once or twice because girls think he’s “just so nice.” He’s your go to guy when you need a pick me up and he’s always down to go grab coffee. People love him because he’s enjoyable to be around. Basically he’s your best friend and the guy you’re going to want to keep around for a long time. 

The Slacker- He’s always bragging about how he never goes to class and when he does show up, he’s usually drunk, or talking about how he’s going to get drunk right after class ends. He never studies and you probably won’t see him again after the first semester. His proudest moment at WVU was when he ended up being in the “I’m Schmacked” video and he lacks any real direction or ambition in life. 

The Athlete- He walks around campus in either a warm up uniform or a tracksuit and people wonder whether or not he owns any clothing besides athletic wear. He can almost always be found at the Rec and he’s pretty unavailable because he’s in a relationship with the sport he plays. He attends more practices than he does classes and he literally breathes all things athletic. The good news is that he’s totally ripped and probably gorgeous but good luck trying to hold an intellectual conversation with him that doesn’t include sports. 

The Juice Head- He looks like he walked straight off the “Jersey Shore” set and it’s likely that he’s paid a few visits to the tanning bed. He can be spotted wearing a muscle shirt no matter what the temperature is outside and the only reason he’s probably that jacked is because of all the steroids that he’s on. 

The One Night Stand King – He’s allergic to commitment of any kind and attempts to bring home a new girl every night. You can catch him bragging to his buddies about his latest conquest or hitting on an incoming freshman. If you think about it, he’ll get with anything that has a pulse.  Think “The more boys I meet, the more I love my dog” type of guy. He’s the poster child for a Taylor Swift song.  He’s hot and he knows it. He’ll break your heart and not feel bad about it and he swears he’ll never fall in love. Watch out.