Fall Do's and Don'ts


Just like every year the weather in West Virginia is beyond predictable; so how do we know when it is time to retire our favorite summer skirts and flip flops and switch gears to jeans, scarves and riding boots.  As much as we would like to think our closets’ are prepared for the weather ahead of us, the truth is it is never as filled as we have hoped.  Here are some tips for all us girls out there to keep our miniskirts in our wardrobe mix while incorporating our new winter knits!

  • It is okay to wear our little black skirts as long as you have some stockings underneath it, on top don’t be afraid to pull out the bright colored cardigan or shirt from the summer.  Pairing it up with blacks is balancing out the color schemes just fine! And to top the outfit off ALWAYS accessorize with a scarf or earrings!


  •  Still carrying on from last season, knee-high riding boots are still a fashion yes! Go ahead and indulge in those expensive leather black or brown riding boots because they will last awhile and are defiantly going to be in style for a long time! A huge plus is they are perfect trekking throughout these hills in the rain and snow!  But don’t spend all your money one place, combat boots are must have this season too! Pairing both shoe options with a leather jacket can pull the whole outfit together while adding a little edge.
  • Patterns and textures are in! Mix and matching patterns like floral or stripes with a solid color bottom or top can make a memorable and daring statement! 


  • Use your leather jackets or cardigans to take your summer dresses and shirts into the transition of fall and winter.  And don’t be afraid to pair it up with a chunky scarf.

Unfortunately there are always those pieces in our closet we refuse to let go of.

  • When your favorite pair of Uggs has reached the point of no return it is time to throw them out.  The bottoms of our Uggs tend to get all scrunched up and don’t lie, we all have those white water stains on them.  They lasted you a while, but it is time to invest in another pair.
  • It is time to box up our flip flops until summer. It is okay to wear open toe flats but remember to cover up some of the foot! You never know what the weather is going to be later in the day but by showing a little, you’re playing it safe.


  • And the hardest part of it all.  When is the time to put away those summer dresses we have saved for downtown?  Take all the tips you got here and continue to wear it all! Wear your favorite bright colored dress but throw on some kind knee high heels or closed toe shoes with a leather jacket.  But don’t make the mistake of being that girl shivering on the walk home.  There are ways to bundle up and still look cute!

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