Guide To Living With All Guys

Being the only girl in a group of guys has its ups and downs. There are many benefits but living with all guys can take some getting used to.  Boys will be boys, they will want to watch their sports, play video games late, drink beer and eat pizza every day. Though there are major pros to living with all guys, there are also a few cons that come with it.

So here are some key pointers when living with all guys:

  • Always lock your door, unless you want them walking in on you showering, changing, or having other guys over.

  •  Let them know where the boundaries are.
  • Put them in their place.
  • Do not take their shit
  • Love how protective they are of you.




  • Help them with their relationships.

  • Take what they say with a grain of salt.

  • Do not try and match them in drinking, you will always get messed up first.

  • Be ready to clean up after them, they will think you are their mom.
  • When you introduce them to your girlfriends, they will think they are all attractive and ask you to set them up with them.

In the new girl, Jess is getting over her breakup with her boyfriend, the guys that she just met and moved in with come to her side and really enjoy building their friendship. The dysfunctional aspect of all of them living together, three guys and a girl, emphasizes the joy of family. The bond that comes from living with people with differences, brings everyone closer together.

Laura Makarewicz is a senior at Western Michigan University studying Public Relations and Journalism. Laura loves reading, especially HerCampus, working out and dancing to music on her free time. If she isn't dancing you can see her at Starbucks drinking a nice coffee and doing homework. Laura is part of Alpha Omicron PI at WMU. After graduation Laura dreams about traveling the world and finding a great job in a city.

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