Kenzie Temple: Sconnie Girl


You’ve all heard of Sconnie Nation and Sconnie Beer.  But what exactly goes into being a Sconnie girl?  You’ve probably seen them around football tailgates handing out free Wisconsin gear and getting the fans excited for the game.  This week’s Campus Celebrity, Kenzie Temple, describes her experience thus far. 

How long have you been involved in Sconnie girl?

I started when I was a sophomore, so I’ve been a Sconnie girl for two seasons.


How did you start?

 I interviewed with Troy, the founder and owner of Sconnie.


How many girls are part of the team?

There are two teams of four girls who work each game. One team promotes the Sconnie apparel and the other team promotes Sconnie beer.


Describe an average game day.

We all meet at the Sconnie store on State Street a few hours before kick off to get ready. Then we make our way towards the Stadium and pass out Sconnie gear. We go around to different tailgates and take pictures with the Badger fans for our Facebook page. Then we go to the Stadium bar by Camp Randall and dance on stage before kickoff.


What are three necessary qualities of a Sconnie girl?

Sconnie girls definitely need to be outgoing because we are always meeting a lot of new people. Enthusiasm is also very important, because we are promoting the brand and want to get people excited about Sconnie. Lastly, it helps to be confident because we get our picture taken a lot and dance on stage.


What are you excited most about for next year?

I love meeting the new girls Troy hires each year to add to our team. We all have so much fun together!

Tricia Fishbune is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She plans on majoring in Communication Arts, and eventually wants to work in the entertainment industry in either journalism or public relations. Aside from writing, she loves to hang out with friends, meet new people, travel, exercise, and try new things. 

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