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Let’s face it, we are constantly trying to dress to impress. Whether it’s for that hottie in your Poli Sci class, or every girl you want to make jealous, so many of us care about what others think about our outfits. Some girls dress for themselves, without a single thought of what someone might think, and if that’s you, I’d like to extend my congrats. Though if you are wondering what real UW-Madison male students think of our outrageous or staple styles, you’re not alone. I know we’re all dying to secretly know what guys think of our fashion sense. Here are five UW-Madison guys’ opinions on what girls wear.
Sweatpants to class

  • “Definitely yoga pants, so sexay.” (Ryan Donahue)
  • “I like it, because it shows that they just wanna be comfortable, they don’t care how they look 100% of the time. It looks good too.” (Sam Zisser)
  • “I very much prefer when females wear comfortable clothes to class because I think it shows confidence and it doesn’t put a façade over themselves at such an early time of the day.” (Evan Petkov)
  • “Depends on time of the day, if it’s early I don’t give a shit, but if it’s later it’s kind of lazy.” (Billy O’Connor)
  • “I say, nay. Although I can’t speak for all campus males, it makes the wonderful shape of a woman become all goggle-moggle. You get the picture.” (Christian Roovers)

Leggings as pants

  • “It’s very attractive” (SZ)
  • “YES! Keep doing it.” (BC)
  • “I really like how it accentuates the hour glass figure of the female.” (EP)
  • “If you want to be noticed – don’t wear leggings as pants. This has become the norm. Try off colors, like olive, or maroon. Things that catch the eye in subtle ways.”(CR)

Over-the-knee boots

  • “That’s a little too much” (SZ)
  • “Sounds extremely uncomfortable for walking. Fashion should be practical.” (EP)
  • “Makes you look like an equestrian.” (BC)
  • “If you want to sell yourself, go studded black leather. Otherwise, go naturalistic. Brown leather, or tan, etc.” (CR)


  • “If you’re going out and you’re wearing glasses, I think you might have overlooked a few things, but if you’re just hanging out, do what you need to do.” (SZ)
  • “I love it. Glasses are cute.” (BC)
  • “Yes! Glasses make a guy wonder what’s on the inside. Intelligence, ambition, and humor: top three traits of a strong girl.” (CR)

Ugg boots

  • “I don’t like Ugg boots. I can’t even put a meaning to it. They’re not visually attractive and they don’t compliment anything.” (SZ)
  • “Disgusting.” (EP)
  • “This one is debatable. The smooth tan ones are nothing new.” (CR)

Skinny jeans vs. flare/boot cut jeans

  • “Skinny jeans.” (RD)
  • “Skinny jeans. Flare jeans are for moms.” (EP)
  • “Skinny. I think that flare jeans belong to a different era than we belong to now.” (SZ)
  • “I’ve always been partial to skinny jeans. So hip.” (CR)

Low side ponies

  • “Not a fan.” (RD)
  • “I like girls that have a versatile style of hair.” (SZ)
  • “The side pony is God’s gift to man.” (CR)

Button down denim tops

  • “I went to a movie with a girl wearing one, and I felt like she was more masculine than I was. It doesn’t belong on you.” (SZ)
  • “Only if you wear jeans with them. Canadian Tuxedos are hot.” (EP)
  • “Nah.” (CR)

Embellished pocket jeans

  • “A little is fine, a lot: no.” (RD)
  • “Stupid as f***!” (BC)
  • “I hate embellished jeans, unless their apple bottoms.” (EP)
  • “I don’t like them. I think they’re just flashy and excessive.” (SZ)
  • “I don’t approve.” (CR)


  • “I like scarves a lot. I have no idea why. I like scarves anyway you wear them. They’re sophisticated.” (SZ)
  • “The ones that are connected all the way around in a circle are cool.” (BC)
  • “They tie the room together; they are the carpet of female clothing.” (EP)
  • “Yes! Scarves are excellent. Take advantage of the season with winter garb.” (CR)

Puffy North Face Jackets

  • “I feel like that’s the stereotypical thing I see at Madison: big long puffy North Face jacket, Ugg boots, and leggings.” (RD)
  • “I don’t like trends. Unless you actually go hiking, no.” (EP)
  • “Stupid.” (BC)
  • “I think that’s like an ID tag for a sorority girl.” (SZ)
  • “If they hang below the waist.” (CR)

Peter Pan Collars

  • “I never see it really, but it looks fine on some people. It shows that you know about style.” (SZ)
  • “I’m kind of indifferent” (BC)
  • “Exquisite” (EP)
  • “I like these. They are unique and wearing more rare or unique things expresses confidence.” (CR)

Fur Vests

  • “Not a fan. Excessive. I don’t think it’s attractive, it’s too foofy.” (SZ)
  • “They’re cool I guess, sometimes they’re too much.” (BC)
  • “Fur scares me away.” (EP)
  • “Animal rights issues aside: no.” (CR)


  • “I like lipstick, except when you can’t kiss the girl cause she has lipstick on.” (SZ)
  • “Never should be worn. It’s for old ladies.” (BC)
  • “Yes. Bright red is so bold, if you can pull it off.” (CR)

What is the perfect party outfit?

  • “I really like dresses, some kind of dress. I like the belts added on dresses.” (SZ)
  • “An outfit of confidence. I usually like sweaters.” (EP)
  • “Shirt and jeans is good enough.” (BC)
  • “Choose an outfit that you are comfortable with. If you chose it, you are more likely to think it suits you well and to be more natural and confident. Don’t dress how your roommate would, but how you think you look amazing.” (CR)

Well, the verdict is in. Leggings are a must, Uggs and North Faces gotta go, and skinny jeans should always be worn. Though, all the guys conveyed that girls should wear what they love and what makes them comfortable. Let’s be honest, guys like to say they don’t have an opinion, when they secretly care. Thank you to Ryan, Billy, Evan, Sam, and Christian for your contribution!

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