Campus Style: A Sophisticated Edge

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Name: Marissa Pomerance
Home Town: Los Angeles, California
Class of: 2014

What are you currently wearing? I’m wearing a pear of gold jeans, which I got from Zara, these leopard bootie wedges from a boutique near us called Pitaya, and a black Zara top with these really cool shoulders and a cut-out in the back. And then I’m wearing the basic jewelry I always wear, along with this really cool knotted gold necklace and gold cuff, which are both from Banana Republic, and this Alice and Olivia sharp-shouldered blazer with a cool little tail. Oh, and a pair of Kate Spade cat eye sunglasses.

What’s something you wear every day? I wear a lot of blazers. I’m a blazer fanatic so I’m usually wearing some kind of blazer, like a nude blazer or white blazer or a black blazer. I always wear the same Michael Kors watch, this silver ring, and a couple of necklaces that I basically live in; I barely take them off.

How would you describe your style? I would definitely describe my style as sophisticated and classic but with a trendy edge, so I wear a lot of basic pieces and I mix it up by throwing in a few cool trendier things. Like taking a basic t-shirt and then putting on gold jeans; that’s the way I mix it up. 

Where do you like to shop? I love Zara, because they have really trendy pieces but they make them in such a sophisticated way that they really work and you can wear them for a while. All the things I have from Zara I’ve worn forever but they’re still really cool. I shop at Nordstrom a lot because I work there and I get a good discount and they also have a lot of great things. I occasionally shop at H&M and Forever 21. I usually pick up smaller things there that are a little bit trendier that I wouldn’t necessarily want to spend a lot of money on. And then I’ll just shop wherever there’s a store that’s having a really big sale. Also, I love because they always have really great things at affordable prices.

What is something you would like to own, if anything? I would really love to get a pair of printed, slim cropped pants. Even though those are a little trendier, I know I could get a pair on or H&M or something that wouldn’t cost too much. I just love the idea of mixing that with a cool printed top. It’s something that I could wear now in the winter, with a pair of booties and a jacket, and then in the spring I could wear it with sandals and a light t-shirt. I think that would definitely be a lot of fun.

Who are your style inspirations? I get a lot of my inspiration from bloggers; I really love Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller, and Rumi Neely of Fashiontoast. In terms of celebrity fashion icons, I’m inspired by some of the people who have really great street style, like Rachel Bilson, Kate Bosworth, Alexa Chung, and Lizzie Olsen.

What does style mean to you?I think to me, style means finding your own niche in fashion and finding a way to work it into your life. Yes, I would love to wear Louis Vuitton and a great Chanel tweed suit every day, but that’s not practical for a college student. It’s about being able to adapt current fashion trends and great pieces to fit them into your everyday life. So, the way I can do that is by putting on a really cool pair of colorful skinny jeans and a comfortable pair of heeled booties, and pairing that with a cute top and a blazer. In that way, I can interpret some current trends and transform them into an outfit that I can wear to class.