Your Guide to Taming Frizzy Hair

These days, Wake Forest has become Lake Forest, and while the weather may be getting you down, your hair doesn’t have to! Here are some of my favorite products for managing the frizz on these rainy days!

1. Aquage's Silkening Oil Foam

One of the most important parts of maintaining your style for the whole day is how you prep it. Make sure you’re always using a great conditioner to start. When your hair is wet, prior to drying, I love to use the Aquage’s Silkening Oil Foam that not only protects your from heat, but leaves it shiny and smooth and protects it from humidity. 

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2. Garnier's Flexible Control

Garnier’s Flexible Control hair spray is great for managing frizz at your roots if you’re going for a straight style or maintaining your waves if you’re going for the curl. I love this formula because it gives your hair a great natural shine and softness without making it hard or crunchy. If you need a stronger hold than medium, you can layer up by spraying over one coat, letting it dry, and spraying again, sure to hold your cute style through any storm. 

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3. BedHead's Control Freak Serum

Mainly for straight styles, I love to use BedHead’s Control Freak serum. Using just a tiny drop of it and lathering it in your hands, you can put it on dry or wet hair to keep it silky and lock in moisture and block out humidity, keeping your hair smooth and straight all day long!

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