You Won't Forget to Reapply With These Favorite Sunscreens

The forecast is out, and it looks like spring is finally here to stay, collegiettes! With many days of laying in the sun on the quad ahead of you, skin care and protection are crucial! Here are some of my favorite products for safe and healthy fun in the sun!

Cerave Facial Moisturizer Lotion is one of my favorite year-round products but it is also perfect for the warmer weather! With SPF 30, it keeps your face protected from the sun while also deeply moisturizing and not clogging your pores or leaving your face greasy. Apply right after washing your face with warm water and just a few minutes before applying makeup to give it time to absorb and be most effective!

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For the rest of your skin, I definitely recommend Neutrogena’s UltraSheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen. Lotion type formulas generally provide longer and deeper protection from the sun than spray types and with Neutrogena’s you get the lightweight, non-greasy feel of a spray with the greater protection of a lotion. It also is less likely to clog your pores and is water-resistant make it perfect for beach days! 

Stay safe collegiettes and remember to always reapply!

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