Springing Into Season with Kendall Hinton

Last Saturday, the Wake Football team held their annual spring game at the BB&T stadium.  Wake’s offense won 43-24 over the defense. Last year’s starting quarterback Kendall Hinton gave us an insight of the game and the goals for the upcoming season next fall.

HC: What do you think of the team’s performance?

KH: I feel like we had a pretty good day based on the people we had. Many players were hurt so we had a lot of young ones stepping up and playing roles they hadn’t played before.The offense had a pretty good day, moving the ball and getting points on the board. The defense had a lot of people out, so it was kind of tough for them based on the injuries and the scoring system. Overall, we had a pretty good day though.We definitely have room for improvement. We had a turnover, a fumble (the offense loosing the ball while running) that can’t happen. We had a lot of missed opportunities, missed assignments. That has to change.

HC: And your own performance?

KH: It wasn’t the best day. I felt limited due to a hip injury but it was okay. I was making passes, running the ball but I think I could have done a lot better.

HC: You had a great start last season, leading your team to several wins but then got injured and ended up redshirting. Would you consider your knee injury from last year a setback?

KH: I’d say it didn’t set me back physically as much as it did mentally. I have to get used to the speed of the game again. This is something that is going to take time, getting in more reps will help out with that. On the physical side however, I think I am pretty much where I was last year.

HC: So, what are you going to do about the mental aspects?

KH: I have to get in as many reps as I can. That will really help. I will also work on the weekends when the coaches aren’t here. Just whenever I can.

HC: There is always the question who is the better quarterback: John Wolfford or you. Is there an update?

KH: I feel like in the spring we had good competition. And we are both good quarterbacks, it’s just a matter of who makes the better plays on the field. That’s what it comes down to.

HC: So, what’s the goal for the next season?

KH: As a team, we want to beat it off from last year. We had a good starting point with the win of the bowl game. So, we just have to continue to carry that momentum to next year and try to reach our goal of being ACC champions.

HC: Do you think you can be ACC champions next year?

KH: Yes

HC: What are your personal goals?

KH: My plan is to be all-conference. Statistic-wise I am not too worried but I want to lead the team to at least a 9-win, 10-win season. Besides that, reaching the ACC championship as I said before.

HC: Now that the spring practice is over, are you ready for the summer training camp?

KH: The summer is not the most exciting time. It is a time to get your body right, getting in shape and ready for the season.

HC: Do you have any freshmen coming in?

KH: Yeah each summer session we get a different group of freshmen in and we will be trying to prepare them and see who we will be able to play and then just go from there.

HC: As you said earlier, you don’t have a lot of depth on some positions because players are hurt. Will they be back soon?

KH: They were minor injuries but you don’t want to risk anything in spring ball. So we pretty much save them for the season. There a couple major injuries as well but we will have a lot more people healed up and ready to go.

Sounds like there is a great season ahead of you and the Demon Deacons. Let’s keep it rollin’!



Lara-Ann is a sophomore at Wake Forest University, majoring in Communication and minoring in Journalism and Sociology. Besides school, she runs for Wake's track team and writes for the athletic website. She was born and raised in Germany, loves to travel and meet new people. When she is not practicing, she is probably sitting somewhere drinking coffee and eating Nutella.

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