Sex and the Forest: Do I Have to Choose? (BF vs. BFFs)

There are 24 hours in a day…though the days often feel much shorter at Wake Forest. Between classes, homework and tons of extracurricular activites, it can be hard for a collegiette to squeeze in time to eat or sleep (though we often still manage to find time to rage…) With jam packed schedules like these, it can also be hard to make time to spend with the people who are important to us, whether that be a friend, a boyfriend or a potential boyfriend. The free time we have to enjoy ourselves with others should be just that: stress-free and fabulous. But what happens when your precious time just isn’t enough to keep your friends, boyfriends and most importantly, you, happy and engaged? Why then, collegiettes you may face a classic dilemma… the friends OR the boyfriend.

When confronted with a choice like this, it may seem impossible to pick a “best” solution. What do you do? If you choose to go out with your girlfriends, your guy may feel ignored and lash out. If instead you choose to go out to a romantic din with your boyfriend, your girls may feel like they’re second best. The solution seems obvious: just divide up your time evenly among both! Too bad this antidote is waaaay easier said than done. But have no fear, collegiettes, that’s why I’m here! I’m going to give you some tried and true ways to balance your social life between girls and boys…that way you won’t HAVE to choose.