New Meals to Try at the Pit

We’re almost at the end of the school year (woo!). Soon we’ll be home relaxing, catching up with old friends and getting some much-needed rest. But before we get there, we have to make it through these next couple of weeks (school-wise and food-wise). The food options on campus are limited and it can get pretty repetitive towards the end of each semester. So here are a couple of twists you can add to your usual plate at the Pit:


Deconstructed Deli Sandwich

Order your regular sandwich at the Deli Station except do not get any sauce put on it yet. Take the sandwich apart and divide it into three sections: meat, bread and cheese, and veggies. Go to the grill station and ask for them to cook your protein. Then go back to the deli station, put your cheese on top of your bread, put the bread halves together and put on the sandwich/panini press. Once that’s done, get the sauce you usually get from the Deli Station or use a vinaigrette from the Salad Bar to top your veggies!


Mongolian Steak Salad

At the Mongolian Station, order steak and other vegetable toppings if you’d like. Then add the steak, the veggies, and you favorite sauce from that station, to your salad!


Berry Cream Cheese Waffle (on Wednesdays)

Take advantage of the new berry bar available on Wednesdays and add strawberries or blueberries and cream cheese to your waffle.


Ice Cream Float

Grab a cup and fill it with about two or three swirls of vanilla or chocolate ice cream from the ice cream machine. Pour your favorite soda over it from the soda machine next to it and you have a dessert you can’t get anywhere else on campus!


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