Meet your Exec Team: Kalyn Epps

Kalyn Epps

Hometown: Pleasanton, CA

Major: Double major in Anthropology and Communication and a minor in Spanish

Her Campus role: I help out with the social media. 

Her Campus (HC): What do you enjoy most about your role with Her Campus?

Kalyn Epps (KE): I enjoy having the chance to read what the writers have written and promote it.

HC: Why did you decide to get involved in Her Campus?

KE: I'm interested in the various ways people communicate, and Her Campus seemed like a cool way to get more exposure in the field and learn. 

HC: What makes you passionate about marketing and media?

KE: I like how interactive and consumer-driven marketing, PR and media are.

HC: What is your favorite Wake Forest memory, so far?

KE: I'm in an African Dance class, and that is a ton of fun.

HC: What are you looking forward to most in the last half of the semester?

KE: I'm gearing up to study abroad so I'm excited about that!

photo courtesy of Kalyn Epps

Just an Arizona girl who loves her birkenstocks