Meet the President of SFER: Abbey Lockhart!

Hometown: Raleigh, NC 

Major: Education with Psychology minor 

Title: President of SFER 

Activity: plays the violin 

Student For Education Reform (SFER) Organization is hosting an amazing event on April 17. Check out what this event is all about with the President, Abbey Lockhart, and get involved!

What is College 101 Event? How did it get started?  College 101 is an annual event that SFER has been hosting for the last several years before I was even involved. We partner up with Old Richmond Elementary School. Their fifth grade class comes to Wake for a day to learn about what it means to go to college and what college life is like. 

Collegiate, College 101 is coming up very soon! It is taking place on April 17th.  If you are interested to be a tour guide or want to help out, then please contact Abbey Lockhart ([email protected])! 

How was the planning like for College 101?  It was definitely a team effort. We planned on having different events throughout the day so [the fifth graders] will have a tour around campus: panel for financial aid and scholarships like Magnolia Scholars, speak to student athletes, meet the Demon Deacon, and have lunch at the Quad. At the end of the day, the students will decorate their own graduation cap to take home and fill out their certificate like declaring their major. 

Why did you want to get involved in SFER?  I got into SFER because my friend invited me to come fall of my sophomore year. I really love the people in it on how super passionate they are on education and SFER’s goals. Around that time, I figured out I was interested in education as a career. Now, I take on as the President of SFER. 

What other events does SFER do?  We have on-campus events like documentary screenings, College 101, tabling events and [participate] Teacher Appreciation Week. For off-campus events, we volunteer at local schools like tutors, reading, and math buddies. Now, we are working on our [annual] fundraising campaign and this year we are focusing on priority schools that have trouble meeting their growths and academics. 


What is a must have on your pizza?  All the cheese, preferably mix.

Twitter or Instagram?  Instagram, I don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account.

Any book that you read in school that positively shaped you? The End of Molasses Classes by Ron Clark for my education class. It talks about how to manage your own classroom in school.  Fun Fact: Clark has his own academy called Clark Academy and she visited there this past spring break with her education classmates. 

Favorite TV show that’s currently on?  New Girl 

Do you have any advice for freshman or underclassmen looking to get involved on campus?  To attend the activity fair and sign up as many as possible [organizations] you are interested in and what your friends are signing up for. There is no harm to sign up. Having an open mind is the biggest thing. 

What is your favorite board game?  Apples to Apples 

Best way to de-stress? Taking care of my pet horse named Touche, who’s three years old right now. 

Favorite movie in the past five years?  The Proposal 


Photo Courtesy of Abbey Lockhart   

Jacquelyn is a senior majoring in Economics with an Entrepreneurship minor. Jacquelyn is the President and Co-Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Wake Forest Chapter for two consecutive years. During her free time, she loves to design chic graphics, create trendy polyvore boards and work on other fashion projects. 

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