Meet Abby Jones: Student Choreographer for the Spring Dance Concert

Academic Year: Junior

Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

Major: Health and Exercise Science

Her Campus (HC): Can you describe how you got involved in the spring dance concert?

Abby Hones (AJ): There was an application process; anyone who takes the dance composition class can apply, and I basically laid out what my thoughts were and how I planned to execute the dance. Then, the dance faculty evaluated the applications, and once I knew I was going to be a choreographer, there was an audition process within the dance company to pick the cast, and we’ve been having weekly rehearsals ever since! Now, it’s just working with the technical stuff - lighting and music, leading up to opening night!

HC: Could you walk us through the typical way you start to choreograph a dance? 

AJ: Choreography is very individual, and there are many ways people choreograph. I’m a hip-hop dancer so it’s all about rhythm, and I tend to listen to a specific song a bunch of times and then just follow what my body is doing naturally. If I feel like I should move to the left, then I will create a movement that works to the left. The more constructed you are, the more ridged it feels, so I keep it as natural as possible.

HC: Why did you want to become involved in dance company?

AJ: The people who are involved and the faculty are so gifted and talented; I was inspired by them. I wanted to expand and broaden my horizons with different types of dance, and I wanted to be a part of a big dance family.

HC: What is your favorite thing about dance company?

AJ: The different interpretations of music and styles that everyone has! For example, there is this ballet piece in the concert that is set to a Bollywood-type song and it is totally different, and amazing how someone can take something and transform it into something so creative – so mostly the creativity of everyone.

HC: How long have you been dancing?

AJ: I danced when I was younger just like everyone and then I stopped for a little bit and picked it back up on college! I’ve been consistent with it for the past three years.

HC: What do you hope people get out of seeing the spring concert?

AJ: A little more appreciation for the variety of dance and talent at the school! People see the dance team and that kind of dance all the time, so it’s great for the school to see a different side of dance and how much effort we put in.  

HC: What’s your favorite Netflix show to binge watch?

AJ: Parks and Rec! I just finished the entire series.

HC: Go-to meal at the pit?

AJ: I always gravitate toward the vegetarian, gluten-free line; it’s always fresh and good!

HC: What is one item on your bucket list?

AJ: I would love to go backpacking!

HC: What advice do you have for underclassman looking to become involved on campus? 

AJ: Throw yourself out there, and do a bunch of different things. I would recommend going to the student activities fair and just immersing yourself into everything. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

photos courtesy of Abby Jones 


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