Four Ways to be Healthier this Week

With our constant busy schedules, sometimes it is hard to make health our top priority. Despite how much we all have going on it is important not to put our health on the backburner. Jumping back into school after spring break can make sticking to a health regimen seem daunting at times, but here are four easy tips to help you be a little healthier this week: 

1. Take the stairs

Yes, even if you live on the fourth floor of South, do it. It’s a great way to burn some extra calories especially if you find yourself struggling to make time for the gym this week. 

2. Drink an extra glass of water, or two

Staying hydrated will help keep you up and alert in class. Not drinking enough water can impede memory retention and leave you feeling groggy and tired. Drinking enough water is also crucial for maintaining a healthy metabolism and can help your skin keep that post sun glow, so why not drink up! 

3. Throw some healthy snacks in you backpack

A lot of people think skipping snacks is the best way to cut back on calories and stay healthy, but not snacking throughout the day can lead to overeating when lunch or dinner rolls around. Try keeping some almonds, fruit or granola bars in your bag this week to help keep you full and focused. 

4.Work out with a friend

Why not catch up with friends you haven’t seen since before break while getting some health benefits? If the gym isn’t your thing, go for a walk through Reynolda trials or plan a hike for over the weekend!

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Hi Demon Deacons! I'm Caroline and I'm a freshman here at Wake Forest. This year i'll be writing for "Haute and Healthy" and Campus Cutie! 

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