Five Things That Could Be Sabotaging Your Healthy Diet

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Sticking to a fitness or health goal can be tricky, especially when we work really hard and still don’t get the results we want. Be careful though, you could be making some big mistakes that could be sabotaging your weight loss and fitness goals! 

1. You’re relying on crash diets 

A common weight loss mistake is trying to loose too much too quickly. This usually leads people to turn to extremely low calorie diets. It makes sense: cut calories cut pounds, but in reality, when you eat too few calories you actually end up slowing your metabolism. Once your diet is over, this means your body won’t burn calories as quickly, and there is a high likelihood that the weight lost will be regained. 

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2. You’re skipping breakfast 

Again, skipping breakfast seems smart and like a simple way to cut calories, but on average those who don’t consume breakfast actually end up eating more throughout the day. Skipping breakfast can leave you feeling hungrier throughout the day and lead to unplanned snacking or consuming bigger portions at lunch or dinner. 

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3. You’re not drinking enough water 

Water is SUPER important for burning calories. When you are dehydrated, your metabolism slows and this can be detrimental for fitness and weight loss. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times! photo ocurtesy of:




Hi Demon Deacons! I'm Caroline and I'm a freshman here at Wake Forest. This year i'll be writing for "Haute and Healthy" and Campus Cutie! 

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