Chic for Cheap: Sun Dresses

The past weekend is known around the world of social media as a style event, despite the fact that a festival is for music to the rest of the world. Yes, I am talking about Coachella. In lieu of writing more about Coachella style, which I am sure of which most of us collegiettes know plenty, today we’ll be taking a look at something that comes from a Coachella look.

Recently, Selena Gomez has resurfaced, after a stint in rehab and a new platform of self- acceptance and authenticity. She is also reportedly dating The Weeknd. Each time the pair is spotted together, images flood the internet. They are a 90’s icon couple in the 2010s.

Think Kate Moss and Johnny Depp, without the drugs.

Today’s look features the female half of the power couple, while at Coachella, in a classic look that is loved especially by us residents of the southern states. Selena pulls off a patterned sun dress for a visit to Coachella. She doesn’t push any boundaries, but looks comfortable and cute. Her look is simple and easy to recreate, particularly in a cheap way. Here’s the look and some dresses out there that recreate its idea:

Get the look:

Floral Off-the- shoulder dress for $22.90 at Forever 21

Tropical Print Cami Dress for $10 at Forever 21


Floral Maxi Dress for $27.90 at Forever 21

Floral Polka Dot Maxi Dress for $24.90 at Forever 21

Z and L Europe Floral Dress for $68 at Forever 21

Floral Off-the- shoulder high-low dress for $25.00 at Charlotte Russe

Embroidered Chambray Wrap Dress for $25 at Charlotte Russe

Floral Cold Shoulder Skater Dress for $25 at Charlotte Russe

Cupshe Fear Nothing Off Shoulder Embroidered Dress for $35.80 at Cupshe

Anything that is light and easy to throw on will work to match this look. Selena went for the cool colors, but on certain days, a pop of red or yellow will do well as a mood lifter. We all want to be cool, calm, and self-confident like Selena, and maybe a fun dress is one more step in the right direction towards that self-affirmation (in the end, know that this comes from the inside, not what you wear – but it can help!).

Remember, collegiettes, it’s not what you wear but how you wear it!


Photos via (in order of appearance): the-shoulder- high-lowdress/302355325.html?dwvar_302355325_color=108&cgid=casual-dresses#sz=30&start=51 wrapdress/302329299.html?dwvar_302329299_color=468&cgid=casual-dresses#sz=30&start=79 shoulder-skater-dress/302336459.html?dwvar_302336459_color=461&cgid=casual-dresses#sz=30&start=133 nothing-off- shoulder-embroidered-dress

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