Chic for Cheap: Stripe Edition

I have always been expressive in my fashion choices; wearing colorful patterns and mixing and matching them, too. One of the best parts about following fashion is seeing people constantly break the rules. It’s all about challenging the norm and stepping out in what makes you, YOU. Rather than recreate a whole outfit today, we’re going to focus on one feature of the following outfit.

I stumbled upon today’s look while I was browsing through Vogue’s website. The look is subtle, but fun, and worn by a very likeable celebrity, Freida Pinto. Rather than go with a safe black and white stripe look, Pinto dares in a longer structure.

Vertical stripes are said to elongate the figure, so when in doubt, follow Freida’s lead, collegiates. Let’s look at some other stripe looks we can get into this spring!

Get the Look:

 Awning Striped  Straight-leg Trousers for $11.00 from Forever 21.

Striped Strapless Jumpsuit for $17.90 from Forever 21

 Striped Off-the-Shoulder Dress for $26.39 from Charlotte Russe.

 The WhitePepper Stripe Wool Dress for $26.00 from ASOS.

 Contemporary Striped Dress for $22.90 from Forever 21.

 Influence Stripe Frill Bardot Dress for $34.00 from ASOS.

 Striped Kimono Sleeve Crop Top for $21.99 from Charlotte Russe

 Striped Wide-Leg Pants for $26.99 from Charlotte Russe.

 Influence Striped Pajama Shirt Dress for $27.00 from ASOS.

 Contemporary Striped Pants for $22.90 from Forever 21.

 Plus Size Stripe Skirt for $19.90 from Forever 21.

 Influence Striped Wrap Front Midi Dress for $40.00 from ASOS.


I think you all get the idea. Vertical stripes are not too difficult to find these days, and I think you will all find that they go with everything. Try to find a light and airy silhouette for the coming month of sweltering heat in North Carolina. Happy shopping, collegiettes, and remember: it’s not what you wear but how you wear it!


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