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Every Monday night of spring semester, my friends and I have followed a tradition: watching The Bachelor. It’s all fun and games in the end, but in the heat of the moment, with our minds on winning the fantasy league, Bachelor Mondays are a competition. We bet on how many times Corinne will cry in this episode, or who will get the rose on a group date, and of course, who stays until the end.

There is screaming and laughing all through the episode, and even though blocking out two hours on a busy Monday night can stress us out, we always make time for this ridiculous tradition. Even though it might be fake and staged and it is, overall, a cringe worthy reality TV show, we love it.

What does The Bachelor have to do with Chic for Cheap? Well, after the finale last week, the winner, Vanessa, was finally able to step out in public with Nick. I am not crazy about the fashion on the TV show – especially not Nick’s turtleneck featured during the fantasy suite episode. I was, however, pleasantly surprised to have my work for the week done for me, as I stumbled upon this week’s outfit worn by Vanessa Grimaldi. Shining in the limelight thrust upon her, she kept it simple, yet fashion forward in black leather pants and a neutral sweater. Let’s break down and replicate the look, for cheap.

Vanessa Grimaldi, winner, The Bachelor

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Vanessa goes for the leather pants, which are extremely in vogue at the moment. Ignore the possible discomfort and try them out. In her case, Vanessa turned it up a notch via the woven detail running up the front. She goes for neutral stilettos, a safe call, and a neutral oversized sweater to compliment the daring legs. Here’s how to get the look:

Strappy Metallic Shimmer Pants for $45.00 at Forever 21

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Lace Up Skinny by BLANKNYC for $98 at Revolve 

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Open-Knit Sweater for $16.03 at Forever 21

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Open-Knit Sweater for $19.90 at Forever 21

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Faux Suede Ankle-Wrap Stiletto for $27.90 at Forever 21

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Lattice Two-Piece Dress Sandals for $21.59 at Charlotte Russe

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Lace-up Dress Sandals for $24.79 at Charlotte Russe

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It's not a very difficult look to follow and very appropriate for the transition from class to evening. Hopefully all of you collegiettes who hate The Bachelor and reality TV can forgive me for caving. It was a convenient look and a convenient way for me to remind my friends who won the fantasy league (me). Happy hunting and as always, it’s not what you wear but how you wear it!


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