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Brian Aller ('15)

Posted Feb 11 2013 - 4:09pm

In honor of Valentines Day, we are bringing you TWO Campus Cuties this week. Tonight’s cutie is in a relationship, but don’t worry ladies, he’s proof that prince charming DOES exist. Meet our Valentine’s Cutie, Brian Aller.

Name: Brian Aller

Hometown: West Chester, PA

Major: Potential Finance and Accounting double major

Relationship Status: In a relationship

HC (Her Campus): Okay, so let’s start out with the basics, what are you involved with on campus?

BA (Brian Aller): I am the Philanthropy Chair for Kappa Sig, I coach the women’s club soccer team, and I’m the head campus rep for VoyVoy.

HC: What is VoyVoy?

BA: It’s a new clothing company started by a friend of a friend. It ‘s “frat wear” that has polos, tees, and hats. They’re famous for their pocket square style.

HC: Sounds like an interesting job, what exactly do you do for them?

BA: I market it and give out discounts.

HC: That sounds cool. I understand you have a tattoo; tell me a little about that.

BA: Its my favorite Bible verse from Matthew 23:12 – “For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

HC: Is that a life motto of yours?

BA: Yeah, I try to live my life that way.

HC: When did you get it? And what did your family think?

BA: August of last year. They liked it. I have four older siblings and they have done a lot worse, so they didn’t mind me getting it at all.


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