5 Cold Weather DIYs

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If you’re anything like me, then the cold, harsh Blacksburg weather is a struggle. Here are a list of some DIY projects I found to keep you and your loved ones warm this season.

1. Burrow Dog Bed

If you have a fur baby that struggles in the cold months like mine do, then this is the perfect thing for them. It’s great for those dogs who like to steal blankets or crawl under the covers with you at night. You can use whatever fabric matches how warm your dog likes to be, whether its fleece, flannel, or cotton. You can change the sizing to fit whatever size dog you have so it’s a project that is as versatile as it is practical.

2. Heat Packs

This is one of those DIYs that can be used for so many different things. It’s perfect for cramps, sore muscles, or just going out in the cold. It’s simple and can be made in whatever size works for what you plan on using it for. You can use a variety of essential oils whether it be lavender to relax, peppermint to aid digestion, or eucalyptus to help with respiration. This is better than the heat packs you buy in the store because it’s reusable and the fabric is specifically picked for you, by you.

3. Cozy Cotton Rug

If I hadn’t bought a rug recently I’d spend my weekend making this one. It’s definitely a time consuming DIY but in the end you get to say that you made the rug that everyone is admiring. The cotton can be dyed to match your decor and can be made in any size to fit the room you want to put it in.

4. Flannel Fringe Blanket or No Sew Flannel Blanket

Whether you have sewing experience or not, you can make a blanket that will have everyone asking you to make them one. I personally love no sew blankets because they’re quick and easy and can be made with just about any thickness of fabric. I happen to love blankets and throws so I love finding new designs and ideas of blankets to add to my collection.

5. Doggie Hoodie

This is just so dang cute. It’s a great way to recycle an old sweatshirt that you no longer wear or don’t fit. If you’re on a college budget like me then spending $20-$30 on a sweater or jacket for a dog isn’t necessarily in the budget. This is a good way to make something cute for your dog without blowing your budget.

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