6 Places to Study for Finals When the Library is Out of Room

Everyone studies at the library, during finals week. And we mean everyone. It makes sense since all necessary books are there, it has study rooms and is supposed to be quiet. But where are you supposed to go once all the rooms are filled up and every chair on every floor is occupied? Here are six places to go other than the library both on and off campus.

Off Campus

1. Park

Photo courtesy, the National Park Service.

A park can be a nice relaxing place if you don’t mind some background noise. Finding a bench or picnic table on a nice, sunny day is a perfect place to get some homework done or study. Plaza Ferdinand vii, pictured above, is a nice park downtown where people sometimes walk their dogs, so if you need a study break you may be able to ask to pet someone’s dog.

2. Coffee Shop 

Photo courtesy, the Bodacious Brew.

Everyone goes to Starbucks during finals, it’s almost as crowded as the library is. But lucky for us, Pensacola is full of local coffee shops where you can study. Most coffee shops have outdoor seating, which is perfect if it’s a sunny day. Go ahead and soak up some vitamin D because we all know we haven’t been getting enough these past few weeks. Some local coffee shops to study at are The Drowsy Poet Coffee Company, The Leisure Club Coffee Bar & Restaurant, Bon Bean, and Bodacious Brew, pictured above.

3. Friends/ Your Place

If you have lots of friends in the same class, it is very easy to form a study group to help all of you for the final. Find a time that works best for everyone and meet at someone’s apartment or dorm. This guarantees that you will not be crowded by strangers in the library or Starbucks. This can also work if your friends aren’t all in the same class because it could just be a quiet time where you all have to study.

On Campus

4. Tutoring Center

The tutoring center on campus has tables and computers for students to use, and you can even schedule to get some extra help from a tutor if you want to. So, if the library is ever full and you need a computer, check the tutoring center!

5. Lounge

A lounge is a good place to relax and do some studying if you don't mind people talking here and there. If you get easily distracted you could just put some headphones in and drown all the noise out. The commons Great Hall, pictured above, has sofa chairs and tables for students to use. The new furniture with charging plugs makes it an even more convenient option.

6. Empty Class Room

Some class rooms are usually left unlocked, or can be unlocked with your Nautilus Card. Studying in a class room is great because you have plenty of table space and multiple people can be in there at once and still not run of space. It’s perfect for study groups if you don't want to go to someone’s apartment or dorm.


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