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UVM Archives

The Beauty Closet: Makeup Ideas to Try This Spring

By Rachel Polansky
April 15, 2014 - 1:51pm

It’s officially spring and I am loving the warmer temps, and yes, even those rainy days! Although you can still rock a vampy lip or dark eyes, why not brighten up your look a little with one of these exciting spring ideas?   1. Try colored eyeliner. Whether you add it to the top or bottom, a pop of color in an unexpected place on your eyes is great trend for spring. While everyone else is adding color with their eyeshadow, you can add some turquoise liquid liner in a cat eye. Or try putting some purple on your waterline instead of the usual black. Brands like Stila make great liquid eyeliner, and check out Milani’s Shadow Eyez for fun colored liners. READ MORE

ECHO Mudfest

By Her Campus UVM Staff
April 11, 2014 - 2:05pm

Slide into spring with this annual celebration of the earth! Explore and play in the mud, and in the process, learn to appreciate the importance mud plays in the environmental health of our region. This year’s MudFest has been expanded from nine to sixteen (16) days, April 12 through 27! Every day, all day at you will enjoy tons of muddy activities, games, an all around family-friendly fun. In the middle of our 16-day MudFest we’ve nestled our popular Muddy Music series starting Saturday April 19 through Tuesday (Earth Day), April 22, showcasing acclaimed Vermont musicians, produced by family-friendly Re-Bop records. 2014 ECHO Earth Weeks’ MudFest highlights: READ MORE

How are you spending your time in the sunshine?

By Her Campus UVM Staff

UVM Gym Protocol

By Kelcie Morris
April 11, 2014 - 1:50pm

There’s nothing like blowing off steam at the gym after a long day filled with classes, papers and professors useless busywork. You expect to go there relax and not feel bad about yourself because hey you’re the one there working out right? Well let me tell you, there’s no greater buzz kill to what you expected to be your relaxing safe haven than “that guy.” You all know who I’m talking about and you’ve probably been him at some point in the countless hours you put in at the gym...obviously! Moral of the story is whatever you do DON’T be that guy, and to be sure that you never will be follow these simple rules of UVM gym etiquette. READ MORE

The Beauty Closet: Hair Extension How-Tos

By Her Campus Staff
April 8, 2014 - 1:36pm

            It may be appropriate to clear the air; yes, the whole concept of hair extensions may seem rather vapid and superficial. However, hair extensions are really fun for a night out, adding volume, and tacking on those extra couple inches because maybe like me, your hair “never grows”. And honestly, at least for myself, I am totally not above doing something so easy that lends me a bit more confidence throughout the day, so I say why not!   READ MORE

Hot & Healthy: Running Tips for Running Haters

By Abby Cole
April 7, 2014 - 5:20pm

I have always envied natural runners, or friends who spontaneously sign up for 10k a week before the run. I have a cousin who has run twelve marathons… TWELVE. Excessive? Maybe I’m just a little jealous. Don’t get me wrong, I’m like most people, I grew up playing sports and was on four different teams throughout high school. Admittedly, none were track or cross-country. Running just for the sake of it has never peaked my interest. However, I think we can all relate to that certain level of fitness where you feel invincible, and it’s always a great feeling. Running can be an awesome way to de-stress and have some personal time. Here are a couple ways to gear up for anyone who needs a push to get out there for a run....

Kylie Fitch: Red Bull Challenge Winners

By Kelley Wheaton
April 2, 2014 - 8:10pm

We got a chance to interview a member winning team for Red Bull's Can You Make It? Challenge, UVM's very own Kylie Fitch. Her team, Quirky Ky and the Terrible Two, won a trip to Europe using Redbull as their currency. You can check out their awesome video along with their detailed interview below. READ MORE

The Beauty Closet: Rachel's March Beauty Favorites

By Rachel Polansky
March 27, 2014 - 2:57pm

Let’s be real, March here at UVM has not been a fun month. Although it’s technically spring, there is still tons of snow on the ground and it definitely feels more like winter. But that hasn’t stopped me from finding some great products to remind you that warmer temps are on the way! 1.    Lorac Lip Luxe 8 Hour Lip Care, $16. Although it doesn’t last for 8 hours, this little wonder comes pretty close. I put it on in the morning and color still remains five hours later, even after eating. There are only about six colors in the range but they’re all beautifully pigmented and you don’t have to keep reapplying. READ MORE

Comida Para la Gente: "Bring Your Culture to the Table"

By Ellen Reinhardt
March 21, 2014 - 6:28pm

Celebrate Latino culture through food, dancing, and performances featuring Rey Vega’s Latin Jazz ensemble, “Laisse Tomber” a local dance company, as well as a pop up art gallery featuring UVM photographers, painters and much more! See the Facebook event page for more information. READ MORE

Who are you most excited to see at Springfest?

By Ellen Reinhardt