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  • The 10 Best Parts of Being Sisters

    My sister and I are each other’s world, in fact, Marissa is reading over my shoulder as I type this. From the second she was born, she was my soul mate. It was as if the other part of me was born. It was like when Jacob saw Reneseme in Twilight. Pure magic. And these are our favorite parts, written together, as sisters, best friends, and soul mates. So go thank your sister today!

  • 13 Rights Of Passage for Collegiette's Everywhere

    By the time you are ready to strut down in a gradation cap and gown, all of these things have, at one time or another, happened. Back in the high school days, I thought that by the time I was in college I would have my whole life put together in a nice little walk-in closet. I would have a super hot boyfriend who weirdly resembled Zac Efron.

  • 10 Fitness Quotes to Inspire You to Get in Shape

    Guess what collegiettes? There's only a few more weeks until spring break and for you to achieve some rock hard abs. Sitting in your bed, eating Nutella, and watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. over and over again on Netflix is not going to help you. We at Her Campus Utah want you to feel confident and amazing in your bikini while lounging pool or beach side this spring break. Here are 10 fitness quotes to help inspire you to get up off your bum and workout!

  • 6 T.V. Show Wardrobes We All Wish We Had

    Have you ever been watching a T.V. show and had to pause it because you couldn't get over how cute one of the character's tops was, and you had to Google it right away to found out where you could buy it? Yeah, me too. There are some shows that I secretly just watch to get outfit ideas from, like Gossip Girl, duh (and of course because of Blair and Chuck's whirlwind romance)! Here are 6 T.V. show's whose wardrobes I wish I had, and you probably wish you had too!

  • Where To Go For Your Weekend Getaway

    We all get into ruts of everyday college life. School, study, work, repeat. It gets old real fast. It's important to make time to get away, even if it is just for the weekend. A small trip can be just what you need to recharge. Her Campus Utah wants to make your life easier, so we've found some great mini vacay spots that are easy and affordable. Grab some friends, get some snacks, and pack the car because you’re going on a road trip!

  • How to Spend Your Valentine's Day

    Valentine’s Day is here! For some this may be your favorite day of the year, and you love all the romance that comes with it. For others...

  • What Does Feminism Mean to You?

    In light of the inspiring UN Women’s He for She campaign brought to light by the magnificent Emma Watson, I wondered if this would help...

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