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  • Graduation Is Upon Us

    It feels like just yesterday we were welcoming all of you collegiettes back to school and wishing you all an amazing year! Well, we hope...

  • 9 Energy Boosting Songs to Help You Study For Finals

    Tired, feeling restless, and bored? That's no way to study for finals! In honor of all you collegiettes working hard morning, noon, and night, we at Her Campus Utah have compiled a list of 9 songs that are guaranteed to give you an amazing energy boost to keep you awake and entertained while you continue to study hard. Play this list whenever you start to feel like you can no longer study anymore.

  • Rapper KYLE Performs in SLC May 7th

    Rapper KYLE is going to be in Salt Lake City on May 7th at In The Venue. He's been here before when he opened for artist G-Eazy. His performance was unforgettable and we can't wait to see what he has in store for us during his very own headlining tour. We got a chance to talk with KYLE about his upcoming show and life on tour. Find out what he has to say!

  • 10 Times Amy Schumer Said What We Wish We Could

    Funny woman, Amy Schumer, was named one of TIME's 100 Most Influential People, and dubbed as 'The honesty bomb' by actress Tilda Swinton. And Amy is just that. She says what we all want to say, but are afraid to actually say. Amy isn't afraid to be who she is. Here are 10 times Amy says what we all wish we could!

  • Scotty McCreery Performs at The Grand Kerfuffle

    The Grand Kerfuffle goes country! I for one was beyond stoked when I found out Scotty McCreery was going to be gracing the U campus with his insanely deep and sexy voice. And I wasn’t alone!

  • 7 Ways to Make Studying for Finals Productive

    Studying for finals can be a real drag, but is a necessity here in college. With so much going on around us and in our lives, it's easy to get distracted and get less work done than you originally hoped for. To help avoid this problem, here are 7 studying tips to help the process go more smoothly and so (hopefully) you can be done a lot faster and enjoy an amazing summer!

  • Chelsea Handler Gives a Shout Out to Harry Styles

    Do you follow Chelsea Handler on Instagram? If you do, you might of noticed an eye-catching photo Chelsea posted today of herself and Harry Styles. Chelsea is seen with her butt to the camera, sporting bikini bottoms that have "Harry" written across them.

  • Snow Filled Spring Day

    It may be the middle of April, but it was a cold, wet, and white day today. We got hit with quite a bit of snow, which I don't know about you but I wasn't expecting this. I guess this is our payback for barely even having a winter this year.

  • Taylor Swift's Mom is Diagnosed With Cancer

    Taylor Swift, who's known for bonding and having an amazing relationship with her fans, told some heartbreaking news on her Tumblr. Taylor revealed to her fans that her mother has cancer.

  • 12 Lessons To Be Learned From Amy Poehler

    Celebrities write books about themselves all of the time. I can’t even count the number of times I have rolled my eyes and thought about how that book was about 300 pages of nothing. (My own memoir is in the works just in case my singing career takes off and I become Madonna-huge within the next year.) But when Amy Poehler released her own book, Yes Please, my sarcastic humor didn't spring up like always.

  • Guilt Free Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

    I've made a discovery and couldn't help but to share it with you. Healthy peanut butter oatmeal cookies from The Skinny Fork. Yes, you heard me correctly, healthy! These cookies are deliciously AMAZING, and are the perfect fix for your sweet tooth while trying to achieve the infamous summer body.

  • 7 Cute Easter Brunch Dresses

    Brunch is literally my favorite thing in this entire world. Pair a holiday celebration and brunch together, and you have yourself an amazing start to your day. As you all know Easter is tomorrow, and most have the family tradition of going out for brunch. Whether it's at The Grand America, Little America, Market Street Grill, or Cafe Trio, a flawless Easter dress is a must to wear to your flawless Easter brunch. Her Campus Utah did hard work for you and found 7 perfect Easter dresses you can wear while brunching with your family and the Easter bunny.

  • Best Spring Nail Colors By Essie

    Spring has sprung, I repeat, spring has sprung! That's right collegiettes, it's time to ditch the dark and neutral colors, and replace them with bright and fun colors. Don't know which colors we're talking about? No worries. We wouldn't leave you in the dark about what the best colors are for the spring 2015 season. Here are 6 colors that'll leave you answering many, many questions on where you got you color!

  • Kalin & Myles Are Coming to Salt Lake City

    You know that song on the radio that goes, "Your turn me on, I like what I see. When you bounce that thang, like a trampoline?" Yup that's right, it's by Kalin and Myles! And guess what?! Kalin and Myles will be performing in Salt Lake City on April 16th at In The Venue. Her Campus Utah had the amazing chance to talk with them about their rising fame, tour, and life. See what they had to say and be sure to get your tickets for the show. You're definitely not going to want to miss this!

  • 20 Signs You Go To The University of Utah

    After a couple of solid semesters as a student at the beloved University of Utah, I've found that it's full of classic college behaviors like, binge drinking Red Bull, sleeping at the library, awkward encounters with boys in classes, and accidentally sitting in the Teacher Assistant's seat. This school, like every other school, has its quirks. Real quirks. Here are 20 signs you go to school at the U!

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