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Utah Features

Rapper Shwayze Is Coming To Salt Lake City

By Ellie Briggs
August 1, 2014 - 4:29pm

Are you ready to get Shwaysted? Malibu, California native, rapper, and songwriter Shwayze is making his way back to Salt Lake City, Utah to perform at In The Venue, and Shwayze himself says he is really excited! After an epic trip to Hawaii, where he performed a show and then took a few days to relax and regroup, Her Campus Utah got the chance to talk to him. READ MORE

Love Yourself Not Your Scale

By MalloryRogers
May 3, 2014 - 12:39am

Everyone has "fat" days. You get dressed, notice your pants are fitting a little tight, and suddenly you swear you can see that donut you had for breakfast yesterday, and the dessert you ordered while out with the girls last weekend. For many of us, this can lead to a spiral of negative, stressful thoughts: "I have no self control.", "My new diet starts Monday!", "I look and feel gross". We live in a world of constant comparison, cattiness, and superficiality. Unfortunately, women are most often the targeted demographic--too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, too wide, too this, or too that. While it is good to set healthy goals and seek improvement, it is not good to be in a constant battle with your body....

10 Songs to Get You in the Summer Mood

By Kelly Lasher
April 28, 2014 - 3:00am

The perfect summer requires the perfect tunes! Whether you're headed to the beach, taking a road trip with your besties or relaxing at home this playlist is the perfect mix for you! READ MORE

15 Dating Mistakes We All Make

By Ellie Briggs
April 24, 2014 - 3:00am

Ever wonder why you can’t seem to get past that first date, get the official title of boyfriend and girlfriend, or make your relationship last longer than six months? You’re not alone. There are many girl and guy fish in the sea out there who are wondering the same thing and all have one thing in common. In our dating lives, we are making the same mistakes. All of us at Her Campus Utah got together and figured out the 15 dating mistakes we are all making, and should probably try to change! READ MORE

13 Celebrities You Probably Should Be Following on Instagram

By Ellie Briggs
April 18, 2014 - 3:45am

Instagram allows us to live vicariously through others by the photos they post. We see what people eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and how they vacation, work, and waste time away. The people we are most interested in wanting to know every single detail on how they live their lives are of course, the rich and famous. Celebrity accounts are the most glamorous photos we see in our newsfeed. It seems their Valencia filter is just way better than our Valencia filter! From Kim Kardashian posting photos on her baby girl North West to Victoria's Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio posting photos from every island she visits for VS photo shoots, it seems we just can't get enough. We at Her Campus Utah have chosen our favorite celebrity Instagram accounts...

You Know You Live In Utah When...

By Mietra Aarabi
April 10, 2014 - 3:00am

Let it be known that I have state pride.  I love this Beehive state.  It's been my home for as long as I can remember, Salt Lake City is MY city. That being said, I know as well as anybody that Utah and its residents have their quirks. So, let's kick back and laugh at ourselves a little! READ MORE

Grand Kerfuffle is One Big Party

By Emily Means
April 9, 2014 - 4:00am

“There is only one thing better than a good concert and that is a good concert that is free.” Troy Gulbrandsen, a U professor, was not alone in those sentiments. Over 4,000 concert-goers attended ASUU’s Grand Kerfuffle Friday night to mosh in the cold to performances by hip-hop newcomer Hoodie Allen, rap royalty Talib Kweli and Salt Lake-based act Burnell Washburn & The Druthers. READ MORE

Miranda Kerr Bares All

By Ellie Briggs
April 8, 2014 - 4:00am

Miranda Kerr, former Victoria's Secret Angel, is on the cover of GQ Magazine's U.K. May issue that was released last week.  She bares it all wearing nothing but a pair of knee-high socks.  This interview was not like most, Miranda got down and dirty on her love and sex life. READ MORE

Get in on the Trend: Super Foods for Super Cheap

By MalloryRogers
April 1, 2014 - 3:30am

The worst part about healthy eating is the number that comes up on the register when you are at the check out. I always think to myself, "Why is it so expensive to treat my body well!?". Between competing in pageants and boxing matches, I must keep my weight in a very specific place, and it gets pricey to keep up on my constant diet. Over the years I have discovered ways to maximize my nutrition and my grocery budget at the same time. Here are my secrets:   Spinach READ MORE

7 First Impressions Guys Have of Girls

By Kelly Lasher
March 27, 2014 - 3:30am

Being confident means that you shouldn't care what other people think about you, your style, or your little quirks.  But when you're strutting down the sidewalks of campus, it's hard not to wonder what people, especially guys, are thinking when you pass by.  Do they really notice our makeup, or just our overall look?  Take a look below for some of the first impressions guys have about our beauty choices and girly habits.  Now take notes and learn how to make your first impression count!      1. Glasses. READ MORE