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By now, you may have been asked to describe yourself in three words. Do you know what they are? Kaitlin Paxton, a sophomore at the U, has found her words through a scholarship program: Distinguished Young Women. Not only has she learned more about herself, had the opportunity to travel and made many new friends, she was able to display her talents and earn money for college.

Katilin, who majors in finance, participated in the Distinguished Young Women scholarship program when she was in high school. She was the winner for the state of Utah and then had the opportunity to progress to nationals! Through her experiences, she was trained in interviewing, public speaking, onstage performance, interpersonal skills and communication. She also met 49 other young women just as smart and beautiful as she is! For Kaitlin, each young woman was a friend more than a competitor.

In the national competition, the women participate in fitness, talent, self-expression, interview and scholastics. A large part of the overall score is comprised of scores from AP tests, the SAT and ACT and your cumulative GPA. As a part of the program, the women promote its motto: Be Your Best Self. Kaitlin has spread these words by volunteering with The Cancer Wellness House, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Habitat for Humanity and the local women’s shelter. She encourages other young women like her to be healthy, be ambitious, be involved, be responsible and be studious.

Of her experiences in Utah and nationals in Alabama, Kaitlin says, “Distinguished Young Women has changed my life for the better and has made me a more competent person overall.” Of the 49 new friends she made, she also met her best friend, Julia. And she gained skills she has plans to use throughout college and life. Not to mention the scholarship money!

Kaitlin scored in the top five of almost every category at nationals! And she was only there because she persevered through pneumonia at the state competition. Talk about hard working! She is grateful for the entire experience, not only the money to help her pay for college, but the friends, lessons and outlook she gained from Distinguished Young Women.

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