The Her Campus Utah Guide to Black Friday!


Here we go, the biggest shopping day of the year has arrived! The time has come for us to don our most comfortable shoes, clip out those coupons and make the mad dash to our favorite stores. Black Friday has always been a frightening idea to me. At the thought of it I’ve always imagined a woman beating another over the head with a purse that was on sale screaming “Mine!” Luckily, that isn’t always the case (although I’ve seen some things that were scarily similar). But for those like me who haven’t quite mastered the “hunt”, here are some helpful tips.

1.      Know what you want. Don’t be blinded by cheap prices and stock up on completely unnecessary things. If it helps, make a short list of the types of things you’d like to search for. This also helps you avoid wading through heaps of items looking for anything with a pretty price tag.

2.      Be tech savvy: there are countless apps that can help you find the best deals and tell you exactly where to go. Some of these include ShopSavvy, ShopKick and RedLaser. And, if you “like” brands or stores on Facebook, they give you discounts!

3.      Make a plan: If you’re hitting up a shopping mall, keep in mind what stores are your favorites and where they’re located. If you’re driving around to individual stores, do the same. You don’t want to be driving across town seventeen times when you could be wrestling someone for the boots you’ve been drooling over since Halloween.

4.      If you’re looking for a variety of merchandise, don’t shop for clothes first. While you’re busy trying on things you could be losing out on sales for electronics and custom jewelry, which are the items most marked down on Black Friday.

5.      For those of you not so crazy about waking up at the wee hours of the morning, there are options for you as well. If you don’t mind staying up late instead, a lot of stores have sales between midnight and 4 a.m., the night before the crazed Black Friday begins. Storeowners know that some people prefer to stay up late rather than wake up early, and they accommodate. Cyber Monday is also a great option so for you Internet shoppers, and many e-tailers will continue their deals.

I might as well glide over the basics: wear shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty, carry your money in a safe place, bring a partner to hold your spot for those much needed potty breaks and have fun!

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