Her Campus Utah Campus Cuties

  • Trevor Teerlink '17

    Name: Trevor Teerlink Hometown: Saratoga, CA Graduation Year: 2017 Major: Mechanical Engineering Campus Activities: Greek life, Triangle...

  • Max Kilcoyne '15

    Retiring from his presidency at Sigma Phi Epsilon, Max's next step is to pursue his goal to become a doctor. You can win over his heart by making lasagna (because we all know they way to a man's heart is through his stomach)! Max is a cutie for sure, but play it cool collegiettes and don't swoon too hard ;)

  • Anders Larson '15

    Anders Larson is a sweetheart from Minnesota. He is a member of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity and the Dirt Riders Society. If you happen to run into him at a party or on campus, make sure to have him tell you a story of home. He will leave you laughing and wishing you grew up there. Ladies, be careful or he might just steal your heart without you even knowing it!

  • Chad Wing '16

    Name: Chad Wing Hometown: Park City, UT Graduation Year: 2016 Major: Mechanical Engineering Campus Activities: Living in the math lab...

  • Austin Gibbs '14

    Meet Campus Cutie, Austin Gibbs. He plays football for the Utah Utes, and yes he is single!

  • Bret Helton '16

    Name: Bret Helton Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO Graduation Year: 2016 Major: Entrepreneurship Campus Activities: Baseball Relationship...

  • Kevin Carter '15

    Name: Kevin Carter Hometown: Yorba Linda, CA Graduation Year: 2015 Major: Civil Engineering and Business Campus Activities: Greek and...

  • Krissi Karren '17

    Name: Krissi Karren Hometown: Cottonwood Heights, UT Graduation Year: 2017 Major: Journalism Campus Activities: Her Campus Utah, Bennion...

  • Daniel Rueckert '16

    This week's campus cutie is Daniel Rueckert. Daniel is a kind, sports loving, down-to-earth guy. He is currently a junior here at the U and...

  • Nelson Kent '16

    Nelson Kent is one smooth talker, a romantic, and hilarious guy. He is one Campus Cutie you're gonna want to read all about! He's majoring in Biology (Pre Med) here at the U, and is the Director of Community Service for the Union Programming Council (UPC). Be sure to find out what his ideal date is because we guarantee you'll be head-over-heels once you do!

  • Soon Tae Chung '17

    Meet Soon Tae Chung, a Her Campus Utah campus cutie! Stylish and business savvy, he’s looking for a girl that can keep up! As a man of many talents that range from drawing to outdoor rock climbing adventures, you’ll never have a boring time. For a friendly guy and a fun time, ladies, look no further!

  • Clarence Smith IV '17

    Meet Clarence Smith IV, a Her Campus Utah campus cutie! Majoring in Psychology and Communications, this smooth talker knows just how to make a girl laugh. As a linebacker for Utah’s football team, his energetic personality suits him well on and off the field. After a game you can find him hanging out with friends having a good time, but don’t worry ladies when he’s with you it’s snacks, snuggles, and Netflix.

  • Jordan Nemelka '16

    Meet Jordan Nemelka, a Her Campus Utah campus cutie! Jordan is majoring in Computer Science, and part of the Sigma Chi fraternity. He's a sweetheart through and through, and will walk forty minutes just to bring you homemade cookies he made because you're having a bad day! Ladies, he may even snuggle up with you and watch Gilmore Girls reruns. It just so happens Lorelai and Rory are apart of his favorite, guilty pleasure TV show.

  • Christian Thomas

    Christian Thomas is a transfer student we’re happy to welcome, and this week’s campus cutie. He just transferred to the U from Eastern New Mexico University – and boy, are we happy he did! Not only is Christian a mega-cutie, but a genuine sweetheart, who looks up to his dad and keeps his bathroom clean. Keep reading to learn more about Utah’s newest catch on campus!

  • Jose Remes '18

    Jose Remes is as genuine and cool as they come; unafraid to get excited about his favorite things and open up about how much he treasures the people in his life. He's an actor and a writing major with a passion for storytelling and a special place in his heart for the California coastline. Jose is openminded and always eager to try new things, but if you're in the mood to cuddle up with some Thai food take-out and Netflix, he's game. But only if he gets to be the little spoon!

  • Danny McCormick '15

    Meet campus cutie, Danny McCormick. Danny is a senior here at the University of Utah and is majoring in marketing and entrepreneurship. He plays football here at the U, and can be found in the library when studying for a big test. Be careful not to burp in front of him though (we trust you won't), it's his biggest turn off. Have we piqued your interest yet? Go ahead and keep reading to find out more about this campus cutie! Don't crush too hard!

  • Santiago Alurralde

    If you live in the dorms and go to the Heritage Center, then you've probably seen this Campus Cutie either next to the pool table or in the...

  • Minna Park '17

    Name: Minna Park Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri Graduation Year: 2017 Major: Pre-Medical Laboratory Science Campus Activities: Alpha Chi...

  • Teresa Wilson '17

    Name: Teresa Wilson Hometown: San Diego, CA Graduation Year: 2017 Major: Communications Relationship Status: Single Describe yourself in 3...

  • Mike Alder '15

    Meet this weeks Campus Cutie, Mike Alder. Mike is majoring in Marketing here at the U and is a member of the U of U Marketing Club. The best place to find Mike is probably studying on the second floor of the Marriott Library or on late night food runs to The Pie with friends. We at Her Campus Utah think that Mike is a great catch! Get to know more about Mike below and then try to tell us you aren't totally crushing!

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