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  • 4 Fabulous Maxi Dresses You Need In Your Closet

    New to the maxi dress craze, or just looking for some cute new styles to add to your collection? You're in the right place. Here are 4 fabulous maxi dresses you need to add to your closet pronto!

  • 5 Best Sandals For Summer

    It's here, it's here, it's officially here! Whether you still have a final or two left before it's actually summer for you, you can't deny this amazing weather. Sandal season is upon us. Polish those toes ladies and get ready to show them off because here are the 5 best sandals to rock this summer!

  • Comfy and Cute Outfits for Finals Week

    Finals week is hard. With all of that studying for 24 hours straight for your 4 or 5 different final exams takes a lot of effort! So much effort, that it literally takes a super woman to be able to balance studying with also looking cute when on campus. To help make your finals week a little bit easier, we've found some great outfits that are comfy, cute, and perfect to wear for your finals!

  • Best Pants for Finals: Jogger Jeans

    Your alarm goes off at 7:00 AM for that 8:00 AM final on Monday morning. You can’t help but think, “UGH! Do I have to get ready for this?”...

  • Top 7 Celebrity Looks From Coachella

    The most famous and amazing music festival, Coachella, is coming to an end for the year (the last day is Sunday, 4/19), and many celebrities were in attendance for both weekends. Our favorite thing about Coachella is not only the music, of course, but also the fashion. Oh, the fashion!

  • 5 Ways to Dress Up Your Graphic Tee

    Graphic tees are becoming a big trend for spring, and there are more ways to wear them than just paired with jeans. Her Campus Utah is here...

  • 8 Times Khloe Kardashian Owned Instagram

    Khloe Kardashian is my absolute favorite Kardashian. She always has and always will be. She's hilarious and fun, and bases her Instagram off just that. It's almost impossible to not to like all of the photos she posts.

  • Fashion Must Have: Ring Stacks

    Ring stacks. They were in style last year, and guess what, they’re in style this year. We’ve seen them on multiple celebrities and fashionistas, and we all wonder if we can pull that style off.

  • 10 Models Who's Off-Duty Styles You Need to Steal

    You know who they are. They're all over the front pages of magazines, Instagrams, blogs, E! News, and more. These models have style, and all of us know it. We want to look like them and dress like them because let's face it, they're chic and fabulous. They look flawless with bedhead, or completely dolled up on the runway. Here are ten supermodels whose off-duty, street style is exactly what we need and should steal immediately!

  • 4 Perfect Easter Outfit Ideas

    Easter is only a week away. Are you collegiettes ready to celebrate the cutest, most springy day of the year?! Easter's the day we get to wear the most perfect, pastel outfit and paint eggs while playing with cute, little bunnies. In case you're not quite prepared for this festive day, we are here to help. Her Campus Utah has chosen 4 outfits that we think are absolutely perfect for Easter, and will make you look fabulous!

  • 7 Approved Sunglasses for Spring Break

    It's here, it's here, spring break is finally here! I don't know about all of you but for me it's officially spring break, and if it's not for you, only one more day! All week we have been asking where you're headed and it sounds to me like everyone is headed to the beach. If you're stuck here in Salt Lake City, it's ok because it's going to be pure sunshine here too. So, whether it's the beach, southern Utah, or here in Salt Lake City, you're gonna need some sunglasses (preferrably new because who doesn't love new things?)! Here are 7 sunglasses that are Her Campus Utah approved and should be with you at all times this spring break!

  • Sun Hats, Sun Hats, and More Sun Hats

    That's — right sun hats, sun hats, and more sun hats. I've said it before and I'll say it again, sun hats are more favorite accessory! I don't care what season it is, there is a sun hat for it. In honor of spring break coming up and all of you collegiettes jet setting off to the sun and sand, I've compiled a list of my favorite sun hats that would be perfect for a spring break vacation. You're welcome!

  • 5 Swimsuits You'll Want for Spring Break

    Going any place fun this spring break? Maybe on a cruise to the Bahamas or an all inclusive hotel in Mexico (I wish!)? We at Her Campus Utah want to make sure you're prepared for some fun in the sun. Here are five swimsuits you'll want for your spring break trip. Trust us, you'll be sporting the most in style suits and look hot while doing it!

  • To Bob or Not to Bob?

    To bob or not to bob? That seems to be the question all last year and now this year. The long bob is the most in style haircut right now. Everyone seems to be doing it, and dare I say I love it! Many celebrities have been chopping off their locks and rocking this hairstyle. I will be next to rock this look, after I muster up the courage to cut off my years of hard work. Here are some celebrities who have inspired me to believe that the long bob hairstyle is my next haircut!

  • 5 Must-Have Fashion Trends for Spring 2015

    Yes, it may say snow's in our forecast this weekend, but we don't believe it! With the weather we've been having it is time to prepare for spring, and by that we mean your wardrobe. New York Fashion Week is currently going on and the trends for spring 2015 are on point. Here are five fashion trend must-haves for you to rock on campus!

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