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  • Get Your Her Campus Book Now

    Have you heard?! Her Campus is coming out with their very own book just for all of you collegiettes! The book is called The Her Campus Guide to College Life: How to Manage Relationships, Stay Safe and Healthy, Handle Stress, and Have the Best Years of Your Life, and has everything you could ever need to know about surviving in college.

  • What To Say and What Not To Say To Your Roommate

    I live with 6 girls, so I know what having all different types of roommates are. Sometimes you want to decorate her room with flowers and chocolates because you love her so much, and other times you have thoughts of pouring her $80 shampoo down the drain followed by mashing up all of her freakin’ Lush body washes that she swears by. Maybe you and your roomie started out as besties, you couldn’t imagine how much fun you two would have, it would be like the twin sister you never had and OH MY GOD, YOU SUDDENLY HAVE DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF CLOTHES. But with all of the positives their are some negatives, here’s how to figure this out and still be homies when the lease is up!

  • Why It's Every Woman's Turn to be the Jerk

    Yes, woman seem to be climbing the social ladder higher and faster than ever before in American society (while wearing heels I may add!). But why is it that men still think that we are the ones who need them the most? Could it be that we check our phones every ten minutes when we worry we won't see him that night, or the fact that we spend an extra twenty minutes on that perfect winged liner to impress the current man in our life?

  • 8 Things You Need to Have the Spring Break of Your Life

    It's spring break ladies! That means it's time for some fun! So grab your swimsuits, grab your suncreen, and grab all our spring break goodies because it's time for you to have the best spring break of you life. Thanks to our amazing sponsors like, Chipotle, Not Your Mother's Hair Care, Luna Bars, SABRE, Her Campus, Completely Bare Beauty, and Simon & Shuster's for making it possible to have you prepared in every way, shape, and form. Without them our spring breaks would be just like every other year. So sit back, relax, and find out the 8 things you need to have the best spring break ever.

  • Confession: I Do Care What You Think of Me.

    I always hear people say, “I don’t care what other people think of me.” I never fully believe them, but nonetheless, I admire their attitude. I, unfortunately, am very aware of what people think of me. I tell myself that it’s fine, that I’m simply a people pleaser. It’s never gotten me into much trouble. But I'm so concious of what people think that I tend to place opinions on myself that other people don’t actually hold. And lately my opinion of myself has gotten so unimpressive that I’ve decided to call myself out on it, and I'm calling out anyone reading this who’s dealing with the same stress!

  • What to do When Deciding Who You Are Means a Harder Life

    As a college student we learn more about ourselves faster than we can decide on a major. We change the type of people we date, our favorite foods, create unexpected friendships and discover new talents. Once we establish ourselves, it creates a grounding that no one else can provide. This personal grounding is an essential part of our life that we need to have before we can further our relationships and begin careers. College is our best time to build the ground underneath us.

  • The 7 S's You Need to Pack for Spring Break

    One more week and we are free... for spring break that is! This is the week we trade in the mountains and (small amount of) snow for the sun, water, and white sand. While I bet you're dreaming of laying in the sun getting an amazing tan, don't forget to think about what you'll need to pack for an unforgettable trip! To help to get you started on your packing list, we at Her Campus Utah want to remind you of the 7 S's. The 7 S's you need to be sure to pack for you spring break vacation in the sun!

  • High School vs. College Relationships

    You're in college now, and things work a little bit differently. You don't have your parents anymore constantly breathing over your shoulder. Your best friend who has been by your side since kindergarten is at different college, and your boyfriend and you are now trying the long distance thing or you ended it because you thought it'd be easier.

  • 5 Ways To De-Clutter Your Life

    It's easy to let things build up over the years. Being in college leaves little time to go through old things and organize our lives. Clothes, books, papers, e-mails, and bad relationships can build up, and if we don't address them it can add unneeded stress. So, it's time for a little spring cleaning to make your life easier and simpler!

  • 10 Guys Who Flawlessly Rock the Man Bun

    Man buns. What do you think, yay or nay? Personally, I'm a fan. Any guy I see with longer hair or a man bun, I'll do a double take. How could I not? It's hot. Really hot. In honor of my obsession (and yours too, I hope!) I have found 10 guys who I think completely rock this look flawlessly.

  • Why White Girls Are Over The White Girl Stereotype

    As I walked into Starbucks in my Steve Madden boots, leggings, Alex and Ani bracelets, and a North Face Jacket, I stood behind other girls in essentially the same outfit. I realized why the “white girl” stereotype had been created. We are viewed as being the same creature; a first world girl with an iPhone 6 and a perfect pinterest board for any and all occasions.

  • 5 Quick Ways to De-Stress Your Life

    We all have those moments in our life where we feel completely stressed out about our lives, and that can make us feel a little down about oursleves, causing the stress cycle to continue. Don't worry though because here are some easy tips to eliminate stress from your life. Stress that might be coming from a seemingly harmless source!

  • Top 3 Reasons Why You're Considered a "Mean Girl"

    I don't think I'm a mean girl, but it's definitely not something I'm new to hearing. Why are girls considered mean when they're witty and don't like drama? Not all girl's feel the need to be fake. I mean, I'm just saying what everyone else is thinking, right?! Here are the top 3 reasons why myself and others are considered a "mean girl."

  • 5 Ways to Reduce Late Night Snacking

    Often times, I find it hard to resist those "extra-gooey-double-trouble" chocolate goodies during late night studying sessions. Those high-calorie and high in sugar snacks can cause all sorts of problems for your digestive tract, skin, and your physique. Luckily for you, I have compiled 5 ways to reduce snacking at night and a few snack ideas to help you snack more healthily.

  • Hawaiian Simplicity

    The day began with a honey ginger latte at the furthest west bookstore in the United States and ended with red stained Sanuks. I found the...

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