May Term Struggles, As Told By GIF's

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Welcome to May Term classes, where we are able to take a full class in only two weeks. At first this seems very smart and you are excited to stay in Tampa for an extra couple of weeks, but once class starts your opinion of this changes. 

After all of your friends leave to go home for the summer, you realize you are the only person stupid enough to take a May Term class, since campus is completely dead. You find yourself talking to your stuffed animals because there is no one around. 

Residence Life assigns all summer students a room in Straz, which gets you excited because Straz is awesome. You get a single bedroom, kitchen, and living room. Could that be any more perfect?

Reality slaps you across the face because you need to move all of your stuff across campus to Straz island…in the 90 degree weather…by yourself.

After you almost get heat stroke, you are finally all moved into your new room. Next you realize that one of your suitemates brought enough stuff for thirty people, including a friend that will be sleeping on the couch for two weeks. 

But your mood instantly changes once you realize that you have a view of all the shirtless guys running on the track right out your bedroom window. 

Monday morning comes and it is time to go to class. You walk to class feeling confident...

until you see the kid who used to hit on you at Nine-Twelve sitting in the row behind you.

Your teacher walks in with a huge smile on her face and tells the class how much she LOVES the subject shes teaching. You sit there like 

The first two hours of class go by fast and you are feeling pretty good. Then you realize that it is only 11 am and your class doesn't get over for another five hours.

After reading through the syllabus and doing some grade calculations during your lunch break, you realize you can still get a C in the class even if you fail every exam.

Staring at the clock every minute doesn’t make the class go by any faster, but it is finally dismissed and you sprint to your room for a nap. 

The minute you lay down on your bed for a power nap you remember that your lovely teacher assigned you 53 homework questions.

After realizing how much work you have, you consider naming your calculator because you will be spending so much time together for the next two weeks. You and your calculator become very close.

Taking a break from homework, you head to the kitchen for some procrastination snacks. But then you realize that you have no meal plan, no pots or pans, and no real food. 

Instead of cooking, Chinese take-out sounds so much better. 

One in the morning comes around and you decide it's time to put the homework away and get some sleep, considering you need to be awake in five hours for class. 

The annoying train that goes by Straz makes sure that you don’t get a good night sleep. It wakes you up at least three times throughout the night. 

This horrible schedule continues for two extremely long weeks. Each day gets harder and you constantly are wondering why you thought it was a good idea to take this class in the first place.

Thursday at 4:30 comes along and MAY TERM IS OFFICALLY OVER!!!!!

Friday morning your parents come to move you out and bring you back home. You sit back as your dad carries all of your bags into the car. Thinking about carrying anything gives you major anxiety and you flashback to the horrible move into Straz that you had only two weeks before.

Once you get back home all of your friends ask you how your extra two weeks at school went. Inside you're feeling like 

But you lie and say that you had the time of your life because you go to school in Florida and they don't!



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