Khuyen For a Day (Part 1)

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Hello collegiettes!

My name’s Khuyen (pronounced like Queen) and like most others who go to USF, one of my major goals is to take advantage of this city’s bountiful resources as best I can.  While it was a bit hard to get my foot in the door at first because as I’m sure you all know, with the endless list of things to do in this city, it can get a bit overwhelming and difficult to know where to start.  Luckily, over these past few months I have managed to turn this city into my playground as I’ve become more familiar with local hotspots, eccentric eateries, and other fun things so it’s my job to make sure you always have some place new to go and something new to do!  I’m not calling myself a pro or anything as I’m still learning something new about this city each and everyday so suggestions and comments are always welcome but otherwise, I’ll do my best to shed light on various venues with tips and reviews from personal experience so follow my blog and find out what it feels like to be Khuyen for a day in the SF bay!  

So to kick start this new blog of mine, I’d like to tell you guys about the new exhibit at the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park which features the fashion collection of world-renowned French fashion designer, Jean Paul Gaultier!  The exhibit’s been open for about a week now and I was able to get into the VIP grand opening event of the exhibit where Jean Paul Gaultier himself was present.  Ecstatic is an understatement, because frankly, I was speechless.  It was an affair to remember as there was a catwalk complete with models strutting their stuff, a DJ and dance floor, plenty of areas with amazing catered food, an area with a professional photographer, and did I mention that as soon as I walked through the doors it was all of the models getting their hair and makeup done?  Seeing the toned male models in the Gaultier inspired sailor outfits?  Big plus.  Actually, the best part of it all was probably all of the people watching.  You had the older ladies who fashioned their own hats with crazy and ornate designs, the younger people who wore elaborate and extravagant gowns or cocktail dresses, and all of the men were either super dapper or let their inner freak shine with costumes that played tribute to Gaultier.  But let’s get down to the real matters here—the actual exhibit itself.

 Travel downstairs to enter the exhibit where you are greeted by a row of interactive, animated mannequins one of which is Gaultier himself.  They’re so realistic that I wouldn’t really wanna be stuck in the room with them by myself!  The exhibit stretches into room after room with display after display of various celebrated collections of Gaultier.  Mind you, the set up of each room is completely different from the last so no need to fear being bored of walking into room after room.  The last part of the exhibit has the mannequins rotating on a fully operated catwalk which even more so enhances the experience and has you feeling as if you were an actual attendee at a prestigious fashion show!  San Francisco is the Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit’s last stop on its world tour and will be here until August so don’t miss out on a magnificent experience—especially if you’re at all into art and fashion!  (And don’t worry, students get a discount with a student ID!)  With this, I bid you all adieu until next week and hope that you go check out this eye-opening experience!  I’m positive that you won’t regret it. I myself will definitely be making several trips back before the exhibition closes.  Happy exploring!

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