Fashion Friday: Beautiful Bows

Students have officially begun their Spring 2015 classes and are welcoming new fashion trends, along with old favorites, for the new year. We have seen a few fashion trends rise in popularity in recent years, and bows are at the top of that list. Students wear bows in many different ways, and they can add a bit of charm and personality to any outfit. So, are you looking to add bows into your wardrobe? Check out a few of the following ways that students are wearing them.

Bows as hair accessories come in plenty of colors, sizes and patterns in both clip-ins and headband versions. Running late for class and don’t have a lot of time to do your hair today? No worries, just put your hair in a simple sock bun and add a bow! It looks classy, polished and put together. Plus it is super easy to do! If you do have a bit more time, curled hair or naturally curly hair looks great when put half-up and finished off with a bow.

Bows are also great on bracelets! Kiel James Patrick Vickers Bow Bracelets are really popular amongst preppy fashionistas. They are simple, but really cute bracelets that come in many different colorful patterns. However, they do come with a fairly hefty price tag. If you love the look, but are looking for a more affordable option, Etsy has great options that are very similar! Whether you wear a bow bracelet alone, with a watch or with other bracelets, they are a classy addition to most outfits!

Bows are also adorable little additions to clothing pieces themselves, from sweaters to dresses and many more, they are becoming wildly trendy. Bows on sweaters are adorable for those cold winter months, but Florida fashionistas can pull off warm weather clothing all year.

Bow bandeaus are adorable with a high-waisted skirt or shorts and a cardigan, completing a perfect spring outfit! Bow shorts are an adorable but more subtle piece, for those who do not want big bows on their clothing. They can be paired with a simple tee and key accessories to make a sophisticated but casual outfit. 

Perhaps the most popular bow clothing are bow dresses. Bows are usually on the back of the dress and simple but noticeable, transforming a simple dress into a fashion forward piece. Finally, bows on shoes can be a trendy alternative to a simple ballet slipper or high heel.

Regardless of your personal style and fashion, there is a bow piece for almost everybody. You can glam it up with a bow dress and bow heels, keep it casual with a hair bow or somewhere in between with bow shorts and bow ballet flats. So collegiettes™, which bow piece will you be rocking this semester?

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