Christmas, Already? Wait, There is Still Thanksgiving!


As of late, I've noticed that many peers around me have been talking about what to buy for their love ones on that very jolly holiday, but have people forgotten that it is just the beginning of November? For one, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I mean, come on, this is the one holiday when you’re able to give thanks to those around you and show much you appreciate them. Second, you get to eat as much as you want and no one will judge you. I find it extremely discriminating that Thanksgiving is overlooked which is why I came up with some fun activities you can do on Thanksgiving whether you celebrate or not.
  1. Bake with family/friends
    Yes, baking allows everyone to come together and have fun. Plus, it will also fill the room with that fresh smell of homemade cookies! My roommate actually made a batch of snickerdoodles the other day and it came out smelling delicious. It was very simple to make and thinking about it makes me want some now. Click here for a recipe!

  2. Go to the Movies
    Hey, dinner does not start till later, so why not enjoy a nice film. If you go early, it will just be six dollars! Some movies to consider:

    Life of Pi 
    For those who have read the book, this is a must see. It showcases the need of companionship and self-preservation, sounds like the perfect movie for Thanksgiving.

    Wreck-it Ralph 
    This is number one choice on my “to watch” list after midterms are over. I am a huge fan of Disney movies, so I am pretty bias about it. 

    Denzel Washington has never failed me, so I expect nothing, but the best. He looks good for a 50-something year old. 

    Breaking Dawn Part 2
    No one can resist the Twilight saga, right? I don’t have a team, but I do want to see how they finish the movie. Obviously, it won’t be as great as Harry Potter, again, bias. 

    I am just throwing out suggestions. Usually they have fantastic movies coming out during the holidays, so there are always other options. 

  3. Run a Turkey-Trot
    Shed the weight beforehand by running, walking, or strolling through the 5k – 10k run.  You will be helping a great cause and there are plenty of cities hosting it. Also, you will be able to justify the third serving of mashed potatoes. How awesome is that? Sign-ups are already available, so Google away!
  4. Go Ice Skating
    What better way is there to end the night, if not, go ice-skating? Skate a little before heading out to the outlets and malls for Black Friday. This way it will be easier to transition into that merry mood, if you haven’t already. There are ice-skating rinks in Pasadena, Downtown Disney (recommended), Santa Monica, and Downtown LA, plenty to chose from.
I mean there are quite a lot of things to do, but most importantly don’t forget to give thanks to those around you whether it is a simple hug or a DIY thank-you card. Happy November, guys!