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Confesiones: UPRM students on the Hot Seat

Posted Nov 11 2013 - 3:14am
Tagged With: campus, Confessions, funny, students

Confesiones UPRM has taken Facebook by storm! If you have a Facebook account and you are a student here in UPRM you surely know about this page. The name of the page says it all, it is a page where students make surprising confessions about experiences on campus.  Her Campus UPRM contacted the admin and he/she was kind enough to give us a little more information about it. The page was recently created and the page admin, who chooses to remain anonymous, never would have guessed the feedback it has received. Until now it has about   8, 641 likes and the number is increasing everyday!   I must admit that I lose about an hour everyday catching up on every confession, I laugh at most, sympathize with others, as do many other students. It is a great way to feel like a community, know that there are fellow students out there who go through the same things, like descending biology’s stairs butt first! Even students from other universities have posted confessions about how much they love the page and our campus. If you have not visited the page I highly recommend it, it will AT LEAST put a smile on your face. I saved you the trip and below are a few of the most liked and shared posts, take a look. 

Even students from other "Recintos" admit it, we are on top!


If you want to keep reading about "prepadas", blonde moments or just looking for a serious way to procrastinate give them a visit!

All photos were taken from Confesiones UPRM facebook page

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